What's wrong with giving customers first-order off and how it can kill customer relationship

Jon Ivanco00:00

When you get them it's all gonna say whatever percent off your first order essentially. You've just killed the customer journey by saying off your first order because you're telling everyone that you only care that they purchased one time from you. Yeah. Uh And when I am experiencing a new brand for the first time, I do want the discount because I want to try out the store or the brand, but if it's a new brand that I haven't tried out before, I'm only going to buy one of something and I don't want the epistles, I don't want that. My my average cart value doesn't matter because I'm just trying it out. Like I really just want to get to know your brand. It's the second purchase that people are most interested in. And instead of providing a de risking that second purchase, we really put it on the user to wait until there's a sale or another offer or someone's chasing them in order to entice them to come back. And that makes absolutely zero sense to me from a customer journey perspective. Uh we've seen examples where like we'll find a new brand, even our household and we'll buy like one to try it out and we'll want to go back and you know what ends up happening. We type in a different email address and then we get the same code and then we use that. And I've watched people do this like four and five and six different times and there's no way to track it because you could have two different people that live at the same address

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