Meet Creative Engineer, Taha Bilge
By Hayley Darden
February 11, 2022
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How are you doing?


I'm doing good.


I so enjoyed our conversation last time and I would love to hear where you were before you joined invisible and why you chose to come here.


It was a weird point because I wanted to give the academic life a pause. While I was conducting science I wasn't able to express my creativity, I wanted to build things because it was fun to do, and it was a good outlet for me. It was something that wasn't to be captured by just words. Or by just numbers. So at that point I was thinking about maybe starting a project, something very new. It will probably fail, but I will learn how to build something out there in the world.

I wasn't thinking of working at a company who will treat me as an engineer and nothing else. I want to be a part of what the company wanted, how the company would conceptualize that, operationalize that. I'm not cut for the regular job, I think. That's where I was before joining.

Invisible approached me as if I was all around engineer. And ,at that point, I wasn't an engineer actually. I was just wearing a hat of engineer when needed. Anyway, I see the passion of creating things in people at Invisible. It's it's not just carrying out instructions, or doing tasks that are given. That was quite clear and that caught my attention. It made me think about being at Invisible.


What have you liked most about being here?


So I was expecting some hardships for the first several months because this is the first time I am identifying myself in the role of an engineer. Last month was better than anticipated because I'm making progress and the channels of communications are open. I could voice my perspective— people will listen to it. People will give feedback. People will integrate their viewpoint and something wonderful will come up


What excites you most about what we're building?


So right now I'm working on Manticore the Wizard Builder part of it. People are able to come up with their own because it's a drag and drop sort of approach. It's almost like playing with Legos in a sense. Maybe they will make it a part of their thinking in general. So this is, this is the thing that intrigues me, and this is the thing that excites me.


That makes sense to me, makes a lot of sense to me.

Who you think would enjoy being at invisible and who do you think wouldn't?


This is a great question that I haven't thought about before. So just, just give me a minute so that I could make my mind.

An engineer who just wants to finish tasks will not enjoy being here that much because at this point, you need to think about the, the grand ideas here. I mean, I think they digital assembly line is a grand idea. It's not simple at all. And you need to digest this, I think in order to be happy here. I mean, if you just want to eCom finish tasks and be done with them I think you will feel left behind a little bit.


And I suppose the opposite, that's also true, right? The person who's gonna enjoy, building things here wants to understand the intent and not just the requirements.


Yes also the process itself— I am having fun just by watching some people debate.


I find Invisible really satisfying because I'm focused on doing, hitting or building a thing, but it still requires of imagination.


This is a very valuable thing, I think. To feel that your job requires you to be creative. I mean, if, if you enjoy the, of course. I do. And you do too.


I need intellectual stimulation and imagination, but I am not content if things are left at concepts— I need them translated into reality. So I find that really satisfying about being here.


I mean, I can't relate to that. Because one of the frustrating aspects of being an academic for me, it was... I had some good ideas, but they weren't relevant to the funding world. That frustrated to me because I wanted to put my hands- on and funding was the key to that because I was gathering data from people and you need to like use expensive equipment and stuff. But here! At this point I'm feeling like: "hey, that idea could be implemented; this could come to fruition."


Very cool. So is there anything else that you think someone who might want to join should know anything else you'd like to add?


The person who enjoys organizing stuff will very much enjoy being here because we need better organization. We need better communication within the teams or between teams. So anyone with such needs, anyone who thinks that there are ways to improve the way people work could enjoy the process. Because you'll be a part of it. So you can just see parts of yourself when you implicate the organization. Let's say. A year from now. So I think someone who enjoys this, who enjoys improving improve, improving the efficiency and the workings so teams could enjoy being here.

I find myself very close to the idea. Throughout my academic career, I always felt like there was a lot to be improved managerially; it was one of the things that I always wanted to be a part of. Finding ways to improve that make people more happy with their work as well. Because I mean, you're spending quite a, quite a lot of our time working, right?


Yeah. Meta level of learning inside it for clients. Right? We're trying to reorganize the way work is done in the first place, so when we're working on how to integrate , we are learning how to organize ourselves and our own workflows optimally in ways that also can inform the thing that we're building downstream.

Well thank you.

I think this is pretty much all that's needed and if you've got a couple extra minutes I'd love to get your feedback on a project that I'm working on.