How to get your first job as a Part I Architectural Assistant - #1 Starting the Search
By Stephen Drew
May 18, 2022
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How to get your first job as a Part I Architectural Assistant - #1 Starting the Search
Stephen Drew

It's Wednesday. All right. One o'clock one design graduates, wherever you are. We're going to talk about it today. We're going to go through it all. Don't worry. Just another 20 seconds to allow everyone to get their sandwiches.

hello everyone. Oh, you caught me looking around everywhere. I'm Stephen Drew when we're alive. We're alive. I've got no time to prepare. I'm only joking. I prepared for this. Don't you worry. We're going to talk about something today that I've been thinking about doing for quite some time. Now I have a lot of people that talk to me about how to get your first job in industry.

I get approached all the time from graduates, wherever they're Architectural professional graduates in the making part one's interior design graduate. And it can be even architectural technicians, technologists, people who want to become BIM specialists. Everyone has to start from somewhere. I have to start from somewhere.

And if you were graduating this year in a month or two chances are you're going to be starting from scratch. Maybe you've had. Before, another job that you've done before your design career that you're going into and that's good. But in case you haven't found a job before, if you've never done the job search, we're going to go through it all together.

Now, as well as that, this is an interactive session. So you can comment, you can drop a question. If I sound a bit crazy or my keyboard's not working. All whatever's kicking off. I got my soundboard here. Then you can flag it up and you can let me know that something's not working, but ask some questions as well.

So with over February, do let's go on to the topic today, which is how to get your first job as an Architectural Assistant in the industry or design group. Whatever. So chances are you probably done free years in university. You've learnt all about design. You've done your insists on that. So cool. And you've probably prepared for your end of your exhibition, which is great, but now there's this looming thing coming down the road, which is that you need to get a job for the first time and you will hear a lot of people talk.

CBS, you will hear people talk about, oh my goodness, how many pages should I do in an architecture portfolio? And we will go through all of them. And we will talk about the approach and we will talk about interviews and we will do one of these a week until we've gone through every step of the process.

But just before we do that, I think it's good to start strategizing the job search. And before we go into the nitty gritty and the few of the questions that I'm sure a few of you might ask me is about CV. Should they be horizontal? Should they be verticals? Should they be a foray free? What colors should they.

You can really go into it. You can think you can overthink these things, but we're going to go at the start and we're going to think about what actually a job search is. Okay. I read a book before called life's a pitch. You've all been in crits. When you've studying, you got. Your, um, projects to get your tutors on board or the guest critic.

And so that hopefully they go, that's a good project. They might give you some suggestions, but you're hoping that they think it's a good project. Now, actually, the good thing about an architecture degree of interior design degree or whatever it is, if you've been pinning up work, then you're used to. To people about projects and then an interview situation, a job search, guess what?