Lauren Brown Professional Ballerina to Business Strategist Brown
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    I think anyone can do anything if they just put that intention there, and so often we think. People are successful because there's this element.

    Your limit is an injury and that's it. Your limit is not the pain. It's the fact that something literally won't work.

    This notion that there's no such thing as perfection and there's only such thing as intention.

    I felt suffocated by perfection. You always fall short of this notion of perfection, however you define it. Sometimes it's not even falling short. You prevent yourself from going as far as you could out of fear of failing.

    I. Think it's so cool, like when you walk down the street and realize that every person has a story and you have no idea what that story is, that everyone is their own protagonist. I think it's fascinating.

    Hi everyone. Welcome to another episode of the Face World Podcast. Well, today I wanna welcome a very special young woman named Lauren Brown. Lauren is a Brooklyn born Duke graduate with a passion for brand insights, digital strategies, and challenging the body of mind through. Laura and I met at Arnold Worldwide, an agency based in Boston.

    You have at this point heard many other guests who have also met me this way, but you know, these days when young millennials especially ask me about if they should pursue a career in marketing and advertising, my answer is often yes, but not for the reasons you. So instead of focusing on big brands for your resume of what, worry for your brag wall or somewhat of a decent salary, I personally think the biggest return is more about the people you meet and the stories you hear.

    Those are invaluable lessons for life. Lauren is certainly one who has had a story that will never be forgotten. She is a retired professional Ballina state and national yoga champion number one in Massachusetts in 2015, and that same year she was ranked number 21 in the United States. She recently competed in the UBS and Open IDO challenge and was a winner with her team project called unbroke.

    Unbroke unveils the issues with higher education in America today, particularly around student loans. Lauren and her team took a number of steps forward and actually proposed a system that could make students' lives better. This is one of the main topics during our convers. We then also chatted about Lauren's career as a professional ballerina performing with the Pennsylvania Ballet and New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center before receiving her degree in psychology at Duke.

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