Introducing Season 2 - BIPoC Outside on Wheels

And we are back. First. Oh my gosh. I want to thank every single one of you for the incredible support. This has grown well beyond what I imagined it could be. And let me tell you, my heart is full. To those of you who have reached out to share your own stories, please know they've brought huge smiles and happy tears. Keep them coming!

So without further ado, I'm happy to introduce BIPoC Outside Season 2 on Wheels. This podcast continues to be about joy empowerment and the transformative power of the outdoors. And once again, We've been talking to athletes who are crushing it at all levels. Innovators pushing the sports forward. And organizers breaking down barriers so everyone can participate. Some names you'll know, and some names you need to know.

Also introducing this season. Our new title sponsor Norco Dirt Series. Since 2001, the Dirt Series has had one simple goal and it's getting more women identified folk on bikes since then. They've grown to offer weekend long gender specific, co-ed, and youth focused camps across Canada and the U S in some of the most exceptional ride locations.

With a commitment to diversity and inclusion, they offer both a scholarship program to those whom cost would be a barrier and, something that I luv, they are specifically focused on training BIPoC coaches and ride leaders so they can coach and lead in their home communities. I am absolutely thrilled to partner with the Dirt Series this season. Check them out at or find their partner link on our website.

We're also going to be out and about a bit. This season stay tuned for details because you just might find us at a trail head near you.

Season 2 on W heels drops next month and is available everywhere you get podcasts. We hope you'll join us at BIPoC Outside.

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