Episode 11 I am opening a second podcast called Butterfly Arose

I am starting a second podcast called Butterfly Arose, where I will express my beliefs and opinions on a wide variety of subjects. That is in contrast to what I do here on this podcast. Sacred Gyre. Sacred Gyre is an invitation to a conversation about how to stay connected to your deepest values as you work to make the world a better place.

I truly mean to have that conversation with anyone who has such hopes, no matter their specific political beliefs, how they vote, or what specific position they might hold on specific political issues. I hope that Butterfly arose will help me be better as a host on Sacred Gyre. To do that, I need to hold myself accountable in many ways to act impartially.

I practiced for many years as a mediator and held myself accountable to speak and act impartially while helping the parties resolve their dispute. Now Alan Charland, in an article on mediate.com, said that "No one can genuinely claim to be impartial, but they can continually review their own feelings and thoughts about someone or a situation in order to acknowledge this, and then monitor and adjust where necessary their practice as a mediator in the light of this awareness."

I hope to interview specific people on this podcast and it will be important to act impartially in the way he outlines, to be aware of how my assumptions might be coming up, and to either set them aside or be transparent in a way that keeps the conversation open. Now each of us has different emotional approaches to ideas about what values are most important to us and what basic underlying things like love look like in the real world.

I will need to be aware of my own feelings and beliefs and to be honest about them while being genuinely curious about the other person's beliefs and feelings. It is very human to not only have strong beliefs, but to be unaware at times of ways that our words or actions embody those beliefs. One way this can show up is when we start a question with the phrase, "Isn't it true that...". The question often takes the form of an assertion of a belief and, in effect, a demand that the other person disprove it.

This is fraught with the danger of leading the conversation down the road of a dispute. My intent with Sacred Gyre is to have learning conversations. That means being open to understanding the other person's beliefs about what, for example, love or another underlying value means to them in terms of a quality of a better world.

I hope to focus on how to stay connected to that value rather than expecting a detailed agreement on its meaning. Now I will never be able to totally leave my own beliefs behind, it is not possible as a human being to do so. It is possible to enter a conversation with the intent of learning from each other.

This puts to the forefront listening to understand and asking questions in a way that invites the other person to help myself and the listener more deeply understand where they are coming from. I will likely make mistakes. I believe that the conversations I invite the listener into on sacred gyre.com still matter because any of us can get affected by various factors to act in ways that are not in alignment with our deepest beliefs.

And I believe that acting in that way recreates the old world we are trying to change. So why am I starting a second podcast?

I honestly believe that one way to help me act more consistently impartial on sacred gyre.com is to have a separate place to express my beliefs on things that matter to me. I will try to use what I learned from my current podcast to help me express myself on the new one that is more in alignment with my basic beliefs about how to help create a more loving world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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