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    Fei Wu

    Welcome to the Feisworld Podcast, engaging conversations that cross the boundaries between business, art and the digital world.

    Our foundation's always been committed to facilitating and encouraging people to find the the right direction in in life.

    There's a lot of conversation about mindfulness, infusing popular culture these days, which I think is fantastic. It's a powerful practice. It is a simple practice and it fosters so much calm and quiet in, in the chaos and noise that we live in.

    The magic of feathered pipe one. Key elements of it is how you arrive with questions, you arrive with whatever baggage or problems or concerns or you know, however we all come to any experience and the incredible vibration of the place somehow brings you clarity.

    The ranch takes whatever you've got. You come in whatever shape you're in, and it's somehow as if the ranch knows how to transform it. How to morph it into something exquisite.

    So it really is like fueling yourself up to be in the world.

    Hello, my lovely people, listeners. The fact that you're listening to this podcast completely makes my day. And we're able to connect at this level is just so unimaginable still in my world. And if we were in the same room, I would love to run up to you and give you a huge hug. For now, I am excited to share a new guest name.

    Anne Jablonsky on Face World Podcast. Like many other guests appeared on Face World, Anne is so real. Someone who. Done so many interesting things and is willing to share her experience with us. I'm so thrill. I is the board president at the Feathered Pipe Foundation, an organization based in Montana that helps people find their direction through access to programs and experiences that cultivate awareness of their truest selves.

    In rich spirit, mind and body explore the world's wisdom and discoveries. As one of the oldest centers for conscious living and yoga retreats in the country, feathered pipe is surrounded by millions of acres of forest and mountains. Guests from around the world will come lounge, stretch, laugh stroll, no wonder why.

    Feather Pipe attracted many other Gus teachers celebrities, including Joseph Campbell, Dr. Andrew Whale, Rodney Yee, and the list goes. I have not talked about yoga extensively on Face World Podcasts, though I have interviewed one of my yoga teachers named Lee Sches. But yoga and meditation have certainly been a routine practice for me.

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