Process | Footprint x Process
By Luc Hillege
January 24, 2022
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Process | Footprint x Process

Hi there, I'm Luc Hillege from Ecochain and today I'll be giving you a video tutorial on how you can use the Footprint x Process page in Ecochain. Let's go to the Footprint x Process page.

This page is all about allocation, you allocate the usages and missions to production processes. So in previous videos, we've entered diesel, water and electricity. And we also entered your production processes, in this case we're using the concrete plant. So weighing, mixing, internal transport and on the next page, there is another process, which is office HQ. What do we want to do? We want to devide and distribute the footprint items to the production processes.

You can do this in two ways: you can do it by using percentages, or you can use the amounts. For this example we will be using the percentages to make it easy. How do you do it? You uncheck the lock and then you can enter values. For weighing you don't use any, diesel. For mixing you also don't use any diesel. For internal transport of raw materials via dump trucks or conveyor belts you do. So in this case, let's allocate 100% of the diesel to internal transports.

The next footprint item is water. So when do you add water? In the weighing process, you don't add water. In the mixing process you do. So you allocate 100% of the water usage, so this is a water to mixing. And by using 100% you allocate 100% of water to the mixing process.

All right. Now let's go into scope two indirect emissions. We are going to allocate electricity. And distribute a specific percentage among the processes. So for example, we have 15,000 kWh and we're going to divide them by using percentages. So let's say that the weighing process uses 5% of the electricity usage. Mixing is roughly, ah, let's make it 50%.

And internal transport is 45%. Now you have 5%, 50% and 45% allocated. But don't forget, you also have an office HQ, which also uses electricity, so maybe we want to add 25% of the electricity use.

And Hey, what happens here? Now we can actually see the Ecochain functionality. You're using 25% more energy than you are actually purchasing, so Ecochain will give you an error that the balance is not right. So you would have to adjust to get the right balance. So how can we do this? We can change the values of course, here to 25%. And now we see that the difference giving a checkbox.

The amounts and percentages don't really matter here, this video is just showing you the functionality, you can distribute your electricity And other footprint items by using the percentage to distribute. Them. Among the production processes.

In the next video, we can show you how to allocate your processes amongst products.