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    We've seen that the distribution of donations as not level, not only in the distribution of who's giving, but also the distribution of where that giving is going to, right?


    You're listening to Let's Imagine, an Imagine Canada podcast for everyone interested in social issues and the nonprofit sector. I'm your host, Bruce MacDonald.

    At Imagine Canada, we believe that by leveraging our national vantage point, Building cross sector relationships and sharing and developing our knowledge base, we can advance social, economic, and environmental justice through our collective action. Join us as we dive deep into conversations that have big implications for the non profit and charitable sector here in Canada.

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    In today's episode, we're going to look at the current state of the charitable sector, including demand, staffing, revenue, donation trends. And how these will affect charities in the future. Charities have been strained for several years now due to the ongoing pandemic, the rising cost of living, which have created unprecedented needs in our communities.

    Demand for services continues to rise and many organizations are struggling to keep up. About 40% of charities have experienced a lasting increase in demand since the start of the pandemic and 57% cannot meet current levels of demand according to a recent survey commissioned by Canada helps. To discuss the important findings from this year's giving report, we're grateful to welcome Duke Chang, the newly appointed CEO of Canada Helps.

    Thanks for joining us today.


    Thanks for having me on the program, Bruce. It's good to be with you.


    So before we get into the fundraising landscape, let's talk a little bit about your introduction to the sector. As a leader in any 90 days can be some of those most important to starting a new job. Taking on this role at Canada Helps?

    What did you want your first 90 days to look like and how have they worked out so far?

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