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    Fei Wu

    I'm from Feisworld Media and I'm here with someone officially meeting for the first time, Jeffrey Shaw. Uh, and uh, Jeff, you are from the Rexer Group and I've heard so much about you. But for those listeners who haven't learned enough about you yet, I'm gonna just do a brief intro. I'm gonna kick off, and then today's interview after that.

    Cool. So Jeffrey Shaw is an often described as an authority and advocate for self-employed business owners, uh, valued for his actionable and in the trenches approach to achieving business and life success. Why shouldn't he be? How many people can say that they've never worked for anyone else? Selling X door to door at the age of 14, that led to a lifetime of self-employment.

    In his twenties, he built a portrait photography business and became one of the most sought after portrait photographers for affluent families in the US. For more than three decades, his portraits have been on Oprah shows and CBS b s News, featured in people and o Magazine and hang at Harvard University.

    Today, Jeff is the author of Lingo and Self-Employed Life. Host of the Self-Employed Life podcast with nearly 2 million downloads, and the founder of the Self-Employed Business Institute. His Ted Talk is featured on He's a LinkedIn learning instructor, contributor to Preneur magazine, and speaks at association events, entrepreneurial groups and conferences.

    And also in the description below, wherever you are watching this on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, um, there are also a list of links where you can connect and learn more about, uh, Jeffrey. So with that said, let's get started. Um, by the way, do you go by Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Shaw

    or Jeff? You know, I, I personally don't care. I of, I often say on AR Jeffrey, just so people can, if they search, you know, online, they'll find me as Jeffrey Shaw, not Jeff Shaw.

    So, uh, but I don't really, personally, I don't care.

    Fei Wu

    I love it. We're gonna go with Jeffrey today and, uh, so. I'm so curious because even little before the pandemic, the idea where the trend of self-employment had already become more popular. And at that time, by the way, like I had been an entrepreneur for already four, five solid years, and then the eyewitness, uh, that trend is just going up and up and up.

    And with a recent great resignation, I mean, oh my goodness, I can't imagine your business must be booming and starting all sorts of new conversations. So I would love to know what it's like.

    Jeffrey Shaw

    Yeah. So I started writing the book, the Self-Employed Life in 2019, maybe even fall of 2018. So it was pre pandemic.

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