How To Replace Script Track
By Daniel Vitale
June 1, 2022
0:00 / 1:06
Replace Script Track

Replace Script Track allows you to swap out content in your Script Track while keeping other elements in your composition aligned such as Pinned Tracks, Markers, Text Clips, and Fancy Captions, inline notes, and any visual elements you added to the Composition. This is a great tool if you want to start structuring out your content and later want to add in a final audio take.

How To Use Replace Script Track

To get started, import your new media or record directly into Descript and have it transcribed. Once this is done, select your transcribed content and select Copy or Cut. Next, highlight the portion of your script you're looking to replace. Right-click and go to Paste Special and select Replace Script Track. And then you have it - you've replaced your Script Track content with the new media while keeping the other elements of your composition aligned.