How do I get my team onboard with implementing the manufacturing model?

If you have not implemented your manufacturing model, I have this really scary notion that you're using cycle counts.

Yes, ma'am. That's ugly. Yes. Yeah. So my, challenge is to, there's a few of us in the business that know and see why it's ugly and we know the work that goes into handling it properly or as best as we can. But we also know that we're putting ourselves at a huge disadvantage because of that.

The challenge for me is getting the support from the rest of my team to, to move forward and, probably change up some roles a little bit. Introduce this module and realize the benefits, what keep you offer. So what is your role in the company? I am the process improvement leader. Great. You're a much better position than accounting is.

Yes. But I imagine accounting screaming by now. Me? Yep. Finance and I spend a lot of time together talking about this, wondering when and how we're gonna be able to push this through this, improvement effort. If it's doing. There's, I've gotta throw out a bunch of different things, but if it's doing what I think it's doing to financials I would expect that upper management would want stable financials sometimes soon.

Because there's not clear visibility the way that we're doing it with cycle counts. I have, I'm a real stickler for limiting the ability of people to use create inventory adjustments. You probably have too big an organization just to take away their permissions, but, or at least we're too comfortable with what we're doing to just tomorrow say, okay, everybody stop.

Yeah. And, and the question is whether or not you really need them or we do what I suggested on the PO we could even do what I suggested on add inventory and have the adjustment account pointed at the clearing account so it's no longer hitting your pnl. Thank you so much