Results | Statistics / Product - Searching, selection tool
By Luc Hillege
January 24, 2022
0:00 / 3:49
Results | Statistics / Product - Searching, selection tool

Hi there, I'm Luc, and today I'm going to explain you a little bit more in details. How you can use the result product functionality In this video, I will explain how you can search specific results: one option is to use the search functionality.

If you type, for example, a product number it will show you the products that have that number. In this case I'm pressing 48, and then you get products which have the number 48 in their name: mixture 48 and 148.

If you add two stripes, which is pressing shift and slash, but then twice in the results page you can actually add one number here. And then let's say we add 20, you also include results with the number 20 in the product name.

This is explained in this little question marks so you can actually use additional functionalities to search for multiple terms and in this example case have an apple, lime and a cherry combined. In this example, I used 48 and the number of 20 to get the results from the products that have those numbers in their name.

In addition to using the search functionality we can also use the tool right here. This functionality selects a specific area and it allows you to actually zoom in on the results and make a selection from the products that are listed. In this case we can see that you select a range and if you have 10 or 12 products it fused them really nicely together. And you can expand your search area and include more products.

Move it to the right and navigate throughout your product portfolio in a really fancy way. Going through every product of your product portfolio.

So again, you can expand here and drag to the right, drag to the left to have an overview of your product portfolio. You can zoom in and select for example 10 to 15 products then again drag from left to right to get a good overview of your product results.

In addition you can sort by name or by value. In this case, the specific area that I selected is sorted based on values from high to low.

So again, you can use this functionality to see which products have the highest impact and which one the lowest.

That's the functionality sorting your products by value and using the zoom or selection area in Ecochain.