Jordan Harbinger The Inner Workings of Effortless Charm
Fei Wu

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Hi everyone. This is Faye W from Face Royal Podcast. A platform dedicated to sung and unsung heroes Amman us and have stories told by themselves in the most authentic way possible. Today, I would like all of you to meet Jordan Harbinger. He is the host for an iTunes top 50 podcast called The Art of Charm, a show and in person training that teach you to become more charismatic in any situation.

Master your career by becoming a super connector and revamp your love life, and intimate relationships with confidence. The Art of Charm podcast receives over 2 million downloads per month with over 440 episodes featuring guests such as Tim Ferris, Seth Goden, Remi Sat, and Noah Kagan. The Art of Charm Weeklong Residential Bootcamp offers in-person training.

It is currently only open to men, and Jordan explains in details during our conversation on why he needs a separate men and women. I thought his answers were absolutely fascinating. Jordan is already a very public figure, as you can imagine, so I guess he's more of a sung hero on Face World Podcast. Why do we choose to have Jordan join us?

I wanted to know and learn how Jordan deals with negative feedback. Were even hate males.

Jordan Harbinger

Spotting valid feedback has been a skill set that I've been developing for, you know, we've all been developing hopefully for our whole lives, and it's really, really crucial and it's something that most of us never even think about.

Fei Wu

Seconds into our conversation, I felt so comfortable talking to Jordan even though we had never met before or had a single conversation. I immediately open up about my own insecurity, sometimes interviewing guests that are communication experts. While I couldn't string two words together, Jordan responded with similar experiences he had with his world famous guests.

He taught me an important lesson I will never forget and have been sharing with many others ever since.

Jordan Harbinger

You learn this skillset of rescuing your. There's so much to you being self-conscious and you being us as show host in general, and anybody who performs anything in their whole life of thinking, I completely blew that, and you're totally fine.

Most of the time it's just anxiety.

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