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    Hi everybody. It is Wednesday again, I, I am so excited to be welcoming this new guest to Face World. His name is Mick Eing. Mick is an American film, television, and commercial executive producer, author, entrepreneur, and philanthr. Mick has been honored by advertising age as one of the top 50 most creative people also in Wired Magazine, agent of Change, the recipient of 2014 Mohammad Ali, humanitarian of the Year Award.

    Mick founded the Not Impossible Labs, which is a company that is committed to create technology for the sake of humanity. I met Mick at the future. Advertising marketing event in Boston in November last year, 2015. So as you can imagine, Mick's story became a everyday story, uh, to be told at home and at work.

    Mick was the keynote presenter for one of the three days I was at the event. His story silenced the entire auditorium. And by the way, this is a typical Boston, new England response in case you're not from here or not familiar with the situation. This is how we react to a shock most of the time. So the strategy Mick has taught me is commit first and then figure it out with that message.

    Mick told us his stories. So first is the iWriter. In April, 2009, Mick flew five programmers and hackers to his LA home in his living room and created the iWriter, an open source DIY device, which enables individuals with paralysis to communicate and create art using only the movements of their eyes. And the second project is called Project.

    In November, 2013, Mick traveled to Sudan to 3D print the arms for children who lost their limbs in the war. Mick set up what is likely the very first 3D printed prosthetic lab in the middle of Nuba Mountains in Africa, and Mick debuted that project at CES 2014 in Vegas, alongside Intel and many other.

    The project itself went on to win every single possible award you can imagine. So in this episode of Face World Podcast, you will hear many personal stories directly from Mick sharing his experience with both projects and and beyond. I was rather excited, or to be quite honest, I could barely contain myself right before the actual interview took place on.

    M was in California, I think was about 60 degrees over there, and I was in Boston exactly 24 degrees that day. And earlier that day, I came down with this horrific cold and my voice crackled a few times. You can probably hear during the recording, and there are times that my mind was so cloudy that I could barely string towards together from time to time.

    And I was disappointed with myself. But Mick let the way. And help me piece together an otherwise impossible interview. And Mick told me the reality of his very own everyday struggle.

    Mick Ebling

    The reality is that there's low points every day. You know, and I am, I am just, as I kind of admitted in the book that I, I cry in movies and airplanes.

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