Dr. Vicki Jackson and Dr. David Ryan on their new book: Living with Cancer
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Dr, Vicki Jackson

hope that, that it helps people slowly integrate this information because it just does feel so surreal to people. You know, people can be really competent and capable in all other areas of their life, but if they've never been through this before, they've got no clue and that it just, it adds. Illness itself is really unnerving, but then the fact that you just feel like you're in a foreign land without a guidebook or knowing the language, um, makes it even

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People get stuck

Dr. David Ryan

on a number. I have a 20% chance of being cured. I, I've an 80% chance of being cured Basical. If I saw a thousand patients, that would be your chance of being cured. And if people wanna know that, I'll tell them that. But usually what we try and do is put it in the context of what's the best case scenario, what's the worst case scenario, and what's likely to.

And how am I going to give you the best chance at the best case

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Dr, Vicki Jackson

make sure that we were giving accurate information, and it's something that I think all of us in palliative care and oncology could do a better job asking our patients about. I think whether it's sexuality or whether it's your role. A mother or your work identity, all of these things get changed and often stripped of you.

And the question is, how do we help people live in that role and whatever that aspect of what it means for them in their personhood and their life as fully as they can,

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