Rosemary Ravinal_ Learn to speak, engage, and persuade as a Bilingual Creator and Speaker
Rosemary Ravinal

I am thrilled. I'm thrilled. Wish you were here with me in. Me

Fei Wu

too. Me too. And uh, I really look forward to this for a variety of reasons. But for those of you who are not as familiar with Rosemary's work, I don't wanna give you a brief intro and I really want today's discussion to serve you guys. So if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments, wherever you're watching this.

And if you're listening to this on a podcast and network afterward. Feel free to comment as well. So Rosemary Ravenal is a public speaker and executive speaker, uh, speaker coach who overcame decades of stuttering and now use her disfluency as a metaphor for habits and mindsets that get in the way of other people fulfilling their fullest potential when they speak.

Rosemary is a former international media executive and broadcaster on a mission to slay the dragons of bad communications and promote. Concise and honest communication that lifts the human spirit. It unites people everywhere. And I have to say that I, I really look forward to this because some of you guys know that I'm also bilingual, and I came to this country not when I was a baby, but I was 17 years old, get dropped into that, you know, 12th grade private school setting, and then went to school in Boston at North.

And even then after that, to be honest, Rosemary, I, I, I so look forward to this because I remember the beginning years of me working as a consultant. I mean, young consultant, talking to clients, looking around. I mean, at the time and around like 2006 seven, there were very few people who looked like me, sounded like me, who were playing in a consulting role.

So, Frankly felt really intimidated and I had to hide it all the time, which was quite exhausting. So with all that said, for people who are watching this, there's many, many reasons why. I'm glad you're here. Um, but let's get started. with today's good

Rosemary Ravinal

discussion. I am excited to. So, uh, I, there's just so much to say about this topic of, of, of good, clear communication that unites.

right? We're at a, at a point in time, we're at a crossroads where I think we are dangerously heading towards the precipice where we're. even listening to each other properly. Mm-hmm. . And it seems simple, but you know, we talk so much every day, but do we really understand, do we really communicate? There is just so much chatter and do, how does that resonate?

How does that leave us More enlightened, uh, more informed, more connected, more in touch with our humanity. Mm.

Fei Wu

Yeah, I, I love what you're bringing up because frankly, your teaching not only applies to onstage very serious settings, TED Talks, but I do see that, like you said, Rosemary, in everyday communication, I think we misunderstand each other all the time, whether it's at work, at home with people who are familiar with people we're meaning for the first time.