Translation Confidential - Episode 106

Welcome to Translation Confidential. This is Peter Argondizzo, and Patrick Daly is MIA today. He, had a client conflict and won't join us today. But we're joined by our special guest, Lyle Vold from Ūsked. Lyle, welcome to the show. Thank you very much for joining us, rather than me do a little intro, why don't you tell us a little bit about who you are, how you ended up in this space.

Welcome, Lyle.


Peter. Thank you. I'm very excited to be here. I've been looking forward to this conversation for, since we started talking about it. So thank you for that.

As you said, my name is Lyle. I have been, I have been in the interpreting space, some might say I was born into it. You know, I come from a deaf family. Both my parents are deaf. And, when the hospital that I was born in, you, the mother had to choose, you can only have one person in the room, so she had to choose between the interpreter or her husband.

So she chose language access with the doctor. And so when I was born, the interpreter was, other than the doctors, the first person, first person on earth to see me. And so in, in terms of my journey to, to where, where we are today and why we're having this conversation, it, you know, it started in that room and virtually every milestone in my life, there's been an interpreter somewhere, right?

Interpreting a graduation or a play or anything of that nature. And so I, I, I have found, over these years I've had quite a bit of experience from all sides of the industry.


Wow. That's amazing. Lyle. Thank you for sharing that. You know, little bit different perspective, but I grew up in a household with, you know, two immigrants and I served as their interpreter.

You know, growing up. In many cases, you know, my father multilingual, very talented. But my mom being in an environment where, you know, she only had her friends and spoke only in Italian, I always served it as that interpreter. So I have a little bit, I, I have some empathy. Your situation tougher for sure.

Just curious, how did you know last year? I'm sure everybody asks you, you know, the, the, the big movie with, you know, CODA and did that resonate with you at all? Or, you know, was that interesting or...


You know, I, I love that they made it and I think that there were aspects of the movie, that did resonate.

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