Jaron Lukas (@JaronLukasXYZ) From serial entrepreneur to founding @yumwoof
    Fei Wu

    Fei from Feisworld Media and coming to you on a Friday afternoon at 3:00 PM and I, you know, I was actually having a, a kind of a very tired day earlier, but I'm so energized to be here with Jaren Lucas, uh, let me briefly introduce you, jar. I'm gonna dive right into today's livestream. Sounds good. All right, so Jaren is the c e o and founder of the non-GMO dog food brand yumwoof!

    And I absolutely love it. I actually tested the food, the treats on my favorite neighborhood dog, Ben, uh, English Bulldog, and he just lost his mine. He loved it so much, and their premium air drive food is personalized for every dog's breed, driven by data analytics and 250 clinical studies. Previously Jaren founded VC backed Coin Setter, which he sold in 2016.

    He also worked for JP Morgan and graduated from Rice University on the president's honor role. Besides dog nutrition, he's passionate about history, biochemistry, and daily meditation. So I highly recommend you check out Yam Wolf and I included a link below, so definitely check it out. Currently, you guys are offering a special 50% off of your seven day trial offer, so I think it's gonna be absolutely love.

    Bye dog, moms, dads owners in general. So welcome Jerem. So glad you're here.

    Jaron Lukas

    Yeah, thanks for the plug. We're very proud about what we've created at Yum Wolff.

    Fei Wu

    I am very intrigued as well. I'm so thrilled that you reach out to me. So there's so many different career paths that you've already taken, but we're gonna start with the most recent one, which is Yum.

    Wolff and I, I don't own a dog as you know, but I love, love dogs. Many neighborhood dogs are really best friends with me. So please tell me about your origin story of starting this brand. Like what triggered this coming from investment banking, you know, ETT and and all that, to a dog food company.

    Jaron Lukas

    You know, long story short, I was very long crypto in the 2018 boom and crash.

    Mm, very long ICO tokens. And so after that, that was the, the, the difference between, uh, where I was like in the spring versus where I was financially in the fall that year was so drastic that it was a major hit to my, my ego. And so I basically spent the next year in meditation and uh, came out on the other side of that.

    I mean, meditation's still a very important, my l part of my life. I meditate 40, 45 minutes a day and sometimes more. And in fact, that's why I was doing right before this. And you know, I think that as I went through that experience and I changed personally so much, I came out on the other side really saying I wanted to do something that was gonna have a positive, tangible impact on the world.

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