2022 Prospects for 0-DTE
By Ernie Varitimos
January 5, 2022
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2022 Prospects for 0-DTE

All right, here we go. 3, 2, 1. And we're live here. I don't know if I actually caught all that, but we'll see. Hey, doing friends Ernie here, and this is the zero days to expiration podcast, episode number 68. And it is the first episode. Of the year 2022, this episode, we're going to talk about where we were and where we're going this year.

The beginning of this year marks approximately nine, maybe 10 months into business with this venture. And by all accounts, it has been fantastically successful. We have grown, we have nearly five. Members we have an incredible program that is geared towards now, let me just be very clear. This service, who is this for this service is for that trader that wants to learn not just a strategy, but a system you'll learn strategies all around trading options on the last day of exploration.

That's what. Days to expiration or zero DTE is trading options. Excuse me. On the S and P. Now we trade both the SPX index as well as the E-mini futures. So you're going to learn strategies around that. You're going to learn methodologies that we employ around the analytic. That are nothing like you've ever seen before.

All based on volume profile, we use no indicators, just volume profile. It's incredibly effective. You're also going to learn a continuous improvement process that is largely based on agile methodologies, all of this put together. And from what we have developed from day one has been. Getting better and better and better and better.

It seems every now of course, like every strategy, it doesn't perform equally as well under all conditions. However, every condition that we encounter is an opportunity for it to get better. And it does perform fantastically well, both in down markets, sideways markets and upmarket. The service itself, you can't call this and alert service while we do push out alerts every zero DTE opportunity, which is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, unless there is a holiday on Monday or Friday, then it goes to Tuesday or Thursday, respectively.

We have an opportune, a trading opportunity every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, three times. And I do send out alerts for those, the alerts. Let me just say this. The focus is on teaching you how to become a professional trader using the edge that I have found in the analytics and the methodology and the strategies that we employ that make this a fantastic system for any day trader.

There's a lot to it. It's not some formulaic system that you come into and think that you're going to just apply some kind of simple criteria. And then that's it. And somehow it's all been back tested and forward, walked in Monte carload and all that other stuff. Those simply don't work. And by Testament, you look at any of the other zero DTE services.

All of their members are coming here because of the incredible strife and anxiety that they exhibit there. We employ an asymmetric risk to reward philosophy. And so while there. Are living in anxiety hell with every trade, putting huge amounts of cash to make tiny, tiny little profits. And then every once in a while blowing up their accounts, this is a regular thing that they do.

We employ something that I call the inverse of risk or the inversion of risk. We do exactly the opposite. We take small, tiny little risks. Going after huge profits. So you're never in that position where you're sweating bullets or, fearing that you're going to stop out or potentially lose the last three, four or five weeks of profits that never happens with us ever.

Instead, what you enjoy is a nice, smooth, it's very tiny little draw down equity curve that goes from bottom left to.