How can I get a PDF file of a document IESO or PO?
By Jeanne Tarazevits
December 22, 2022
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How can I get a PDF file of a document IESO or PO?

So I'm right here on sales order and I go file from preview and then I just save it as pdf.

Okay. I don't know if there's an email function once it's saved. I think you're gonna have to invoke your email client to do that. But fishbowl is set up to go ahead and email these directly to, so let's just go here and make sure it's issued. And now I come over here to the email tab. I miss my colors from last version, and I do not have my demo file configured to email.

But normally you would just hit hear for the email and it would go ahead and create a PDF and send it directly to whomever the email contact is for this customer, and you can change it before you send it. Okay. Question number two. I have a one year blanket order with weekly shipments. How can I find out how many units have been fulfilled and how many units are still open?

I'm hoping that this is a sales, I don't know if this is a sales order or a purchase order, but there are reports on the sales order side.

There are standard sales orders. I think this one might do it. So my choices down here are Okay. Issued it in progress. My columns on-hand. Short, total short needed. Okay. There is, I believe there's a report that will do it. It's a question to figure out which one's got the right choices. If not, of course we are always welcome, happy to make it a standard report.

A custom report for you.