Sarah Golding

    Ladies and gentlemen, and our friends beyond the binary...

    It is time to put your hands together...for INDIE A....F!! HAHA HAHAAAA!

    I love the smell of a burning laptop fan in the morning! Hey - hey you take cover! Here there be social media dragons, we fight them together.

    ARE YOU WITH MEEE??! May the DAW be with you! Will it render or will it crash? Just...Cross everything. That's all we got. There's no place like audio fiction, there's no place like audio fiction, there's no place like audio fiction...,

    Father Christmas

    Ah...(CLEARS THROAT) , Oh...right. I speak in here?. Uh, hello Indie AF listeners, Father Christmas here to wish you all a successful and happier festive season... Whether you celebrate...or not! And I do hope your 2022 is full of many downloads hahahaha!

    Heart lifting make-it-all-worthwhile-for-all-that hard work, audience feedback, and many many many five star reviews. Yes! Haha! Is that ok Sarah? Could you stop the bells though, please? They're hurting my ears... Your music is always too loud. Pardon>? Oh, introduce the guest? Of course!? Yes! Here's part two of a - what's this? 'Chattarama' - is that even a word? Yes, she's very...very good. And she's at the top of my very very good list. Faith McQuinn. Yes. She's been amazing in sharing some wonderful gems of audio fiction creation, and she certainly deserves all of the presents I've got for her this year.

    Yes, I hope you stay good too, listener! Merry Christmas, and happy listening to INDIE AF! Ahaha! Enjoy!

    Sarah Golding

    I've got to say... So Austin Beach is of of, uh, Audioblivious productions as previously known and now Broken Bard.. And you've got some of my favorite actors, Drew and Jeremy in, uh, in these clips too. I think you worked with the whole Broken Bard folks. Didn't you on this???

    Faith McQuinn

    Yes. And then. Uh, Markita Richardson you'll hear.... You'll . Hear her voice again because she's the lead in Apollyon.

    Sarah Golding

    Yes! Superb...

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