Revolutionary Animal Care Solutions for Canc3r, Bone Displacement, and Sores

Hi, I'm Dr. Chip Halverson, naturopathic physician. We have clinics in Portland, Oregon, and Kalispell, Montana. And I just wanted to comment on the doctor's incredible presentation compassionate for pet care and all the little critters that we're always fond of. And sometimes they get in accidents and they need treatment too.

And just, it was really, I felt like it was a real good kind of a list of options of things that are available for animals from that have canc3r or have displaced bones or sores that maybe haven't been able to be treated otherwise. So she's definitely passionate about her work. I know the owners I'm sure are very excited to have her caring for their members of the family.

I think she's a strong recommendation. I just found out she's in Tampa and I have a good dear friend in Tampa with a lot of animals. So it's a maybe a close. Good connection for sure.