Rob Balasabas @robertbalasabas Content Creator, YouTuber, Head of Partnerships at @uscreen
    Fei Wu

    On Feisworld Media and we're finally making this happen with Rob BAAs, Sabas from you screen. And, uh, for those of you who are not familiar with his work, I'm gonna do a brief intro. I'm gonna jump into today's discussion. Sounds good,

    Rob Balasabas

    Rob. Works for me. Let's

    Fei Wu

    go. . Cool. So Rob Sabba is the head of Partnerships and community ad u screen, by the way, it's definitely one of my favorites, learning platforms.

    It helps you create these Netflix style online academies for our, you know, small businesses and even larger corporations. Our most recent clients is Alcott Checkout Alcott's Academy for sure. He manages U Screen's, influencer marketing program, including sponsorships, content collaborations, conferences and events.

    Rob also oversees a U Screen community team. He is the content creator at heart. He publishes tutorial videos and live streams on his personal YouTube channel and social profiles. He also has a podcast called Coffee with Content Creators, where he interviews successful content creators, influencers and industry experts.

    He runs a private membership called, uh, creators tv. He's an advocate for content creators, including myself, uh, and speaks about monetization openly including, uh, you know, revenue streams and the latest news around the creator economy. Rob attends and speaks at various conferences each year, such as Vid Summit, FinCon Pod Fest, social Media Marketing World, the Brief by The Marketing Brew, and several others.

    And when he is not working, he's a husband and a dad loves drinking coffee and explores new places with his family and. , all the links, uh, are below. Definitely welcome you guys to check it out and please do drop in for questions. We cannot really see how many people are on LinkedIn and all that jazz, but don't be shy, ask questions.

    We're here to serve creators and the creator community. We're here to answer a lot of questions. That's such a privilege to have you here, Rob, because you're on both sides being a criter. Mm-hmm. as well as on the brand side. Yeah.

    Rob Balasabas

    Welcome. Yeah, thank you Fay. Really nice to just catch up with you and hang out.

    I know it's been, it's been a couple months, but yeah, it's been really good to just catch up with you here. So I'm looking forward to the conversation and, and yeah, it's, uh, lots happening in the creator economy. So, uh, excited to dive in.

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