The Power of Trust: Antoine Sarraute on Wakweli's Mission
    Antoine Sarraute

    and the market is huge.

    What we are protecting is the tokenized asset markets, which is expected to reach 16 trillion dollars in 2030. And there is no system at this moment that scales to cover it in terms of trust. So this is what we are building and because it is so early in the development of the protocol and in, the development of tokenized assets in general, the perspectives or return are, extremely high.


    Hello and welcome to Defire the Crypto Storytelling podcast. That is your stoic companion on the crypto roller coaster. My name is Jonas, and today we are chatting with Antoine Sarraute, the brains behind Wakweli. Now, Wakweli isn't just a cool name, it's Swahili for people who tell the truth. And that's exactly what they're all about.

    They are on a mission to build a universal certification protocol. Picture the blue check mark on Twitter or Instagram, but for the blockchain world, It's a batch of authenticity that's recognized everywhere. Imagine being able to get a certificate for anything, an artwork, a house, even a share of stock, and have it recognized across any marketplace or blockchain that's the future Wakweli is working towards.

    But unlike many tech solutions, Wakweli isn't relying on AI or machine learning. Instead, it's a human protocol built on the power of community, underpinned by powerful game theory. At the heart of it all, is the Waku, the unit of trust, just like validators in the Ethereum network, participants in the Wakweli ecosystem, lock Waku tokens into certificates.

    It's a system where being honest isn't just the right thing to do. It's the most profitable thing to do. So buckle up as we dive into how Antoine and Wakweli bring back trust to crypto. But first, let's hear a quick word from our sponsor.

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