The Secret NFT Godfather: The Story of Shaban Shaame and Spells of Genesis
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    Shaban Shaame

    actually, it was a big jackpot for them because last year or 2021 when the boom of the, the value of our cards exploded. As you said, some cards were, were six figures.


    GM and welcome to Defire the crypto podcast. It's like the gym buddy who snaps a towel at you. Every time you try to leave early. We are here to keep you motivated. My name is Jonas. And today on the show, you hear the story of the NFT godfather. You have probably never heard of. Shaban Shaame is a true NFT OG. T his guy made NFTs. When the word NFT didn't even exist yet. Back in 2015, he put the cards from his fantasy game Spells of Genesis on counterparty a layer two

    protocol on bitcoin. Talk about being Ahead of the curve. Now let. let me tell you how i stumbled upon this legend I was at a european blockchain conference in. in barcelona , Which to be honest was a bit of a stuffy suit and tie affair I wasn't really making any exciting Connections until this guy walked up vaping away and just casually trying to conversation i was having with a friend. Low and behold it turned out to be none other than the inventor of one of the first NFT projects himself and guess what He is from switzerland living right in geneva. It's amazing how fate works at these events isn't it So we'll be kicking off our chat to Shaban Shaame. Just a moment but first let's take a quick Break for a word from our sponsor.

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    A Serendipitous Encounter: Bumping into the NFT Godfather

    You walked up and I had obviously no idea who, who you were, and it turns out you are. Like the godfather of NFTs on Bitcoin right you never know who's walking around these conferences and that took me by surprise because I just recently actually learned about Bitcoin NFTs.

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