Still Curious S1E5 - Gail Reichert
Gail Reichert

What I'm trying to do is to get them to go, " how come I'm thinking that, and is there something else I can think?" A lot of what we say to ourselves is just repetitive, dramatic story, and it's bullshit. It keeps us safe. And so we've got to be careful as facilitators that we don't dismantle stuff that keeps people safe because that belief, that rule for them might keep them safe outside of the room.

I do challenge and a lot of the times I challenge by reflecting back what they've said, cause normally in a conversation you'll either get people going, "yes, yes, yes", or they'll go, "no, here's an opposing view". They won't get, "here's a mirror, have a look at yourself". That's what I try and do, always validating people's perspectives and going as far as I can to protect people's mana and their sense of self.

Danu Poyner

You're listening to the Still Curious podcast with me, Danu Poyner. My guest today is Gail Reichert, who has a consultancy practice called Leader's Edge, which specializes in designing and facilitating effective, personal and organizational leadership development that raises consciousness and develops emotional intelligence.

Gail is based in Auckland, New Zealand. I first met Gail when I went through one of her leadership development programs a few years ago and found it to be one of the most personally rewarding experiences I've had in a structured learning environment. In this episode, we discuss what made that experience effective and how to create a safe and engaging space to participate,especially when some people may start out thinking this is going to be bullshit.

We discuss how Gail gets us to examine the rules we carry around inside our heads, the importance of unlearning and what it means to have an undeniable experience. We find out why Gail gave the two finger salute to professional teaching, discuss a life journey that connects teaching to accounting, heavy industry and improv comedy and what it's like to live without imposter syndrome.

Gail also talks about the difference between working with children and adults, the most satisfying light bulb moments she's witnessed in her clients, what new leaders struggle with most and what it means to be programmed with possibility. There's also a moment where I get 30 seconds of free therapy.

It's another surprising conversation full of the usual endless tangents and memorable insights. I enjoyed reconnecting with Gail and I hope you enjoy the interaction. It's Gail Reichert coming up right after the music break on today's episode of the Still Curious podcast.Hi, Gail. Thanks so much for coming on the podcast. How are you?

Gail Reichert

I'm good thanks Danu. Yeah, really good.

Danu Poyner

That's good to hear. I guess you've had a rich history of partnering with people in organizations to evolve emotional intelligence and consciousness in leaders and aspiring leaders and team members.

What does that involve?

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