Can I track user activity in Fishbowl?
By Jeanne Tarazevits
June 22, 2023
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Can I track user activity in Fishbowl?

There is an audit trail. There are not a whole bunch of audit trail reports. So under here, under integrations, we go to plugin, there is this guy, the audit trail that you can install.

There are not a bunch of reports that tell, that allow you to see that history and it makes your database re grow exponentially. So there's probably some pros and cons to turning it on. My question would be is what sort of user activity are we having a problem with?

They're capturing more data on sales orders and purchase orders, but I think those are the only two things that are capturing data is about, who created it and what the last user was.

But you'd have to turn on the audit trail and then have reporting on the audit trail. Next, next one. We have a question from Melissa. She said, do you know of a resource that can help us better understand FB time?

I have dabbled with it. I am not, I'm not exactly an evangelist on it, but, I can be helpful. I don't know what you're using fishbowl times for, I'm assuming you're trying to track time and materials into your manufacturing order, at which point in time we, there's a conflict between what you're actually charging to your manufacturing order versus any kinda labor standard you'd already put in.

But we could trace that through that. Okay. Okay. I'll connect you. I'll connect with you for more specific. Okay.