8-31-2022 --- Bidens Speach

I share duet comment. Let 'em know how Americans really feel many Americans, such as myself. Find the imagery from the president's speech last night in Pennsylvania, to be very disturbing. He preached a message of hate and division and called 74 million Americans terrors. We think the.

Michael Pina

Yeah. So I haven't spoke in a little while.

I've been very busy, I've taken a new job, traveling both back and forth to the United States and to Mexico. My assistant has been here handling the film sides and of course I've still been doing my auditions and making content. Many of you know that I have a film festival that film festival called is called mom comic film.

And it's important to note that last season was number six was a few days ago. We had a podcast on both TikTok as well as on line. And we have our website major Domo list.com to find out all the information and how you can contact me through social media. The important thing I wanna let you know is that last night was a pretty disturbing night.

I actually had to watch. The Biden speech and being a filmmaker. I was, as you, as the persons that you just heard on a TikTok say was disturbed by the imagery that was set before me having finished a film a couple years ago, called tired within with ed Asner. It was a film about what happened during the Hitler time.

Also being a student of history of a. I did a lot of studies on the Mormon church and I found some other things very fascinating about how they manipulate people in their fold. Now I have nothing wrong with the Mormon church. I have a lot of great friends. I'm just study things even though my ma disagree with them in or out I believe that people have to decide for themselves on decisions, but.

When I saw was playing last night, being a student and a believer in imagery, I found the speech quite alarming. I do believe that a president, once they went to either president of all people, whether they like it or not. And I do not find it a coincidence that today the day after his rhetoric came, started apologizing.

On his speech of his speech and what he said in his speech. Now there's two sides to this stone here from a legal standpoint, because I studied law. You have to understand that if you are on the prosecutor, you are allowed to go on the stand, say crazy stuff with no immunity. And you're actually protected by the legal jurisprudence to say things when you're prosecuting cases.

Joe Biden is a former prosecutor he's used not prosecute or attorney and is used to litigating and arguing statements and saying incredulous things to win a case. He did his as a Senator. He did it all the way from his many years in history. And I find it shocking for him to say what he said now. I'm a pretty strong I do believe in God.

And for the most part, I have been a Republican for a very long time. Now I do have liberal ideas of course, because I'm gay. And I had to struggle with that between the right and the left to try to understand where I stood having those feelings and those emotions. What I rationalized out in my life was that what I really cared about was social issues and helping.

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