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I share duet comment. Let 'em know how Americans really feel many Americans, such as myself. Find the imagery from the president's speech last night in Pennsylvania, to be very disturbing. He preached a message of hate and division and called 74 million Americans terrors. We think the.

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Yeah. So I haven't spoke in a little while.

I've been very busy, I've taken a new job, traveling both back and forth to the United States and to Mexico. My assistant has been here handling the film sides and of course I've still been doing my auditions and making content. Many of you know that I have a film festival that film festival called is called mom comic film.

And it's important to note that last season was number six was a few days ago. We had a podcast on both TikTok as well as on line. And we have our website major Domo list.com to find out all the information and how you can contact me through social media. The important thing I wanna let you know is that last night was a pretty disturbing night.

I actually had to watch. The Biden speech and being a filmmaker. I was, as you, as the persons that you just heard on a TikTok say was disturbed by the imagery that was set before me having finished a film a couple years ago, called tired within with ed Asner. It was a film about what happened during the Hitler time.

Also being a student of history of a. I did a lot of studies on the Mormon church and I found some other things very fascinating about how they manipulate people in their fold. Now I have nothing wrong with the Mormon church. I have a lot of great friends. I'm just study things even though my ma disagree with them in or out I believe that people have to decide for themselves on decisions, but.

When I saw was playing last night, being a student and a believer in imagery, I found the speech quite alarming. I do believe that a president, once they went to either president of all people, whether they like it or not. And I do not find it a coincidence that today the day after his rhetoric came, started apologizing.

On his speech of his speech and what he said in his speech. Now there's two sides to this stone here from a legal standpoint, because I studied law. You have to understand that if you are on the prosecutor, you are allowed to go on the stand, say crazy stuff with no immunity. And you're actually protected by the legal jurisprudence to say things when you're prosecuting cases.

Joe Biden is a former prosecutor he's used not prosecute or attorney and is used to litigating and arguing statements and saying incredulous things to win a case. He did his as a Senator. He did it all the way from his many years in history. And I find it shocking for him to say what he said now. I'm a pretty strong I do believe in God.

And for the most part, I have been a Republican for a very long time. Now I do have liberal ideas of course, because I'm gay. And I had to struggle with that between the right and the left to try to understand where I stood having those feelings and those emotions. What I rationalized out in my life was that what I really cared about was social issues and helping.

But at the same token, I also believe that you don't want to help. So people so much that they become dependent upon you because then now you're being counterproductive. So I believe people also doing for themselves and taking benefits in life that are given to them and using them to better their life.

Instead of taking advantage of those. When I group with the young people on the streets I gave them opportunities. Sometimes I, they could stay with me if it was the situation was. I gave them jobs when I had my cafes and I gave 'em opportunities. And when they failed, I taught them about their failures and how they could recover or not recover.

And if they failed two or three times, unfortunately I had to move on and remove them. But over time, all those individuals have come back to my life and are now strong in my life in some form or fashion. So as a teacher and as ed educator, which I was for 20 years, it's actually very be. But back to this speech.

When I saw this speech, I was a little bit dumbfounded. The dumbfounding that I was that in fact, that a president would say these things a president would say these things about all people and forget that he is not the Democrat party. He is the president of United States. Now I live in Mexico now and I have a dual citizenship.

That means I'm not an immigrant. I'm actually a citizen. And although I live here now for just going on, I'll be two years. Next year, I came here for very strong reasons. I came cause I wanted to replace and get rid of what I was feeling in the United States. And what I was feeling was a lack of freedom.

So I came here to live and I'll be honest with you. Since I've came here, I've lost weight, the stress level's lower. And in fact, I find I'm eating better. And even though I may be eating the same with the same junk food, it doesn't have any, as many bad products in the food. And so I feel like I'm healthier now when I travel back and forth between United States and Mexico, which I do on a weekly basis, I also found that kind of difficult in the food and making sure I have the right food products, because obviously I was going from very fatty products to very very good products and enhanced.

I. So what I's, what I'm getting at is that my leading United States is very purposeful. If you go to my LinkedIn, you can actually see my writings, actually, Michael because in Mexico, my name sleep pretty well situated in Mexico. I don't wanna talk about it though. So what I wanna say to you is that it's important for us that when we are thinking about leading the United States, we have to do it for a.

I left because I really felt the lack of freedom. The taxes were killing me from the midnight, just worse and worse. And I just couldn't understand it. Living in California seeing all the programs and social programs, the waste of money. In fact, I actually lived homeless in Seattle for a while.

And that four months of home, I actually gained a lot of weight. Cause I went from homeless shelter. I went to homeless shelter. I went to group that fed us to another group that fed us. And what I found out was that all these foods that was was getting very fat. So I ate a lot. At the same time when I was sleeping at the gospel mission, when I was sleeping in all these different places that I was ha slaying at paying $5 a night to sleep, I was stunned.

I was stunned that the administrators were making so much money and the poor people that were trying to survive were having to pay money to sleep in a night in some place. Sick. How does this. When I start looking at the org charts because I'm a fascinating person. And I start reading and looking at the organizations and I start saying, wait a second.

These fat cats actually have some kind of association with the people who bought the building and those guys have something to do with the corporation. And now I find corporations for giving money to these nonprofits. And these nonprofits were just funneling money back to the people because they were getting tax breaks.

Same thing, bill. Those gates get tax breaks by spending money for treatments outside of the United States and for drug medicines and all these things. But he was using tax credit money to be able to do all this stuff. And at the same token, as he was getting tax credits, same token. Now, when everything happened with all the different licenses he had and trade agreements, he.

He made billions and trillions of dollars. So the very evil system in Mexico city, I actually think it's just as bad, but a different way in Mexico city. There's a lot of inner pride and I find Mexicans, don't even though there's a want and desire to make a lot of money and some are very selfish and do it.

They're the American Mexicans, those guys, I don't mean they're from America. They just mean that they thinking like American business and enter. . And what I find fascinating is that those individuals do not represent Mexico or the Mexican pride. And what I mean by that is Mexico is still pretty poor of certain parts.

And we have street vendors on the street vending, but fascinating thing is that street defender's vending are actually family orientated. And they, when you see these kids street vending on the streets, you also see the mom and the. Or the mom or the dad, you see somebody that's an adult around them, the uncle, a cousin, a relative they're working together.

And what I mean by that is a relative adult, not just another kid. So if you see two kids working together on the street, I guarantee you maybe a hundred yards away. You'll see their parents as well. Now that social structure is very important in keeping unity in Mexico. Although it may be religious, Catholic based.

I do know it's lost in the United States because that doesn't happen anymore. When you have corporations and kids used to be able to go to high school, go to high school, get an after school job. Those are always at grocery stores. So those type of things, but those are all been taken away. Now they're replaced by cashless registers human, less registers ending, and you have some bad ways that are now the people who are adults who are getting paid very low wage.

As the kids were being paid low wages, which was acceptable because it was just extra income. And plus I was learning how to have a discipline. So all these things have changed in the United States. And so when I came to Mexico, it was a way for me to look at these kind of things and be free and feel free.

So now that I'm here I will be doing some new programs and I decided that I'm starting a lot of programs at what they call major Domo list.com. And we're talking about. How you can come to United States to Mexico and buy a home, invest in homes, find places that are safe. The Hollywood wants you to think that Mexico is very unsafe, but in reality, it's not very unsafe as much as I don't like the corrupt mayor here in Mexico city, as much as I don't like her, because she's a globalist at the same time, I recognize over the last 15 years that I've been coming to Mexico before I became here full time.

The presidents before that were always doing a good job and making sure that the city got safe. And as it, same token, now that AMLO is the president of the United of Mexico. Today. He actually lives maybe maybe 300 yards from my house. So there's cops everywhere protecting the city. So the violence isn't the same.

Now there may seem violence outside the city. I don't mean Mexico city, but other parts of Mexico, but that violence is all focused on the drug. So that means is it's always based around the drug cartel and that isn't, that Mexicans are buying drugs from the drug cartel, cuz they are not. So let me say that one more time.

Mexicans in general, for the most part are not buying the drugs that the drug cartel are distributing to the United States. Only the United States is buying those drugs. And that's a very interesting. I'm gonna end this podcast. I just wanted to come on and talk a little bit about what I was hearing yesterday, how it disturbed me how they, the president in the United States was actually tacking more than half of the people that voted.

And there's a belief that, that president that's in the office currently in the United States, that election was actually read cause there's voter fraud. Every. And I don't think that this voter fraud is new. I think as a technologist who used to work for the court system in selling courts all over the country.

And when I set up the court system for Kern county, for Phoenix, for ASA, I set up the court system for back east three different places back east and for Humboldt county, California, I set up the core systems all over the United. And when I look at the technology being used in the court system, I understand that in order to get software into the, into a government body, you have to be in a known entity and you have to have a sign-in by someone who has a known entity, which means you have to be somehow politically connected.

And so when I saw this voter stuff going on, I'm like, oh, wow. I believe this is fuzzy logic. And in fact, if you go to one of my. That I did on TikTok. I actually talk about plea logic and how you create an application to commit rotor fraud rather easily. So I wanna say goodbye please go to my list called major Domo list.com.

That's where you can find everything about what I'm doing. You also go find some great stuff about remote jobs, about living in Mexico, finding housing, that's safe, finding housing. That's more, more compatible to what you know, in the United. Also at the same token, you can find services to help you get jobs that are remote and you find some great unique products that we are finding in Mexico that are nowhere else.

Mexican made some of them, but the most important parts are unique items. And you can find that in our store, that's also attached to our site. So I wanna thank everybody for coming for listening for taking some time. I'll go back and forth between my Spanish lessons as I'm still learning Spanish. I do more political stuff on LinkedIn.

If you wanna see my thoughts and ideas there, but O overall, I do believe that politics to me is a safe space where I believe you can have an opposing idea to me, and I'm gonna at the same token present my ideas. And I hope that we can walk away in disagreement, but with the common cause of wanting to work and help.

Move forward. Thank you very much. Have a great day. Thank you for taking some time and please add me major Domo list.com. To my TikTok it's O V RT underscore TikTok. Of course, my website is major Domo list.com and we actually have streaming movies that we actually independently produce. So if you know somebody who has independent movie and they wanna have a great platform in order to sell their product, make sure to gives me a link on our.

Where you see contact. Thank you. Have a great day. A.

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