Sports Talk With Jimmie, CU Athletics Marshall Fire Game

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    Hello. And welcome back to the newest episode of Sports Talk with Jimmie. I am your host, Jimmie Searfoss. Coming at you with the latest and greatest in what is going on in the Colorado sports world.

    If you are familiar at all with the University of Colorado and its athletics, you know one of their biggest rivals is the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers. These two teams have been playing each other since 1989. That rivalry is fierce. Both teams don't like each other and the fans historically hate each other.

    But on October 30th they will be putting that rivalry aside and competing for a good cause, to help those affected by the devastating Marshall fires from a year ago. The University of Colorado Athletic Department has been working closely with the Community Foundation of Boulder County to put together this game where all proceeds will be going to the Boulder County Wildlife Fund.

    We all know about the devastating Marshall fire that took place in 2021. It was the most destructive fire in Colorado history when it comes to property damage. The Community Foundation of Boulder County has received donations from over 77,000 people and has raised $40.6 million. And, you can help too, just by going and get some entertainment on the basketball court and supporting your local teams.

    The basketball on the court will surely be worth the while. Colorado has a solid team this year and there'll be looking to get back into the March Madness tournament. Playing a rival like Nebraska, you know they will be gunning for the win.

    Colorado is currently actually down in the all time record when it comes to Nebraska with 72 wins and 76 losses. So, you never know what you're going to see. They'll be playing in Nebraska team who has been going through some struggles lately. So, you know, they'll be looking to get one back this game.

    And just like that we are heading towards the end of our program here. And before we go, I wanted to wish John Lehndorff a speedy recovery. He recently had surgery and he's a KGNU staple here. He even helped me produce my first hour-long segment here at KGNU. Get better soon, John.

    And that is just about all we have for today. I'll see y'all next week. This has been Sports Talk with Jimmie and I've been your host, Jimmie Searfoss, on K G N U.

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