The Impact of Energy in Your Space. A Case Study on How Clearing Can Transform Your Life & Business
Lais Stephan

Hello, beautiful souls Lais with the new episode of Female Souls Growing Their Business. And this episode has nothing to do with growing our business and yet everything. It has everything to do with growing a business. So let me explain what we are going to dive into today. It's all around the energy of our spaces, our homes, our office space, and while this case study that I'm going to share has nothing to do with business itself, I hope it inspires you to think outside of the box as to all the things that we need in place for our business to really thrive or for us to thrive.

The people behind the business. So I wanted to share the story. It just happened yesterday and it was just so endearing and I'm still at awe so I offer space clearing assessment calls and people can book them on my website, most of the time it's women. They are around my age or in their thirties and yesterday I log on and there is a teenage girl looking back at me.

And at first I was like, oh, maybe her mom is joining in a bit and they both want to talk to me. But no, it was just this girl and already my heart was melting. I was like, that's the cutest thing. So let's see what she has to say. And she right away went into what she wanted to ask me. She was like, yes. So my parents are always fighting in the living room and I was wondering, you do space clearings, right?

And I said, yes, I do. And she said, well, would you mind checking in to see if there's anything going on in that living room? Because seriously, Fighting all the time. And again, my heart was just melting. It was just the cutest thing. And I told you, look, of course I can go meditate. I will close my eyes. I will channel the information, work with my intuition here to scan your space and see if there's anything external outside of your parents.

And I will revert back to you in. And then she got all excited and said, yeah, sure. I'm just gonna be here. And I said, okay, perfect. So that's all the information I had, and I went to meditate and I connected to my space clearing guides, as I always do, and they scanned the space for me and they reverted back what was going on and what was going on.

It was a lot. So there was a vortex, a vortex. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it's an energy vortex when two energy lines crossed, they built a vortex. And so that's what spirits use. Spirits use this highway, the lay lines or these energy lines until they cross and form this massive vortex that can bring them to the light, right to our eternal home, to source, whatever you like to call it.

So when you have the vortex in your home, it's a lot of energy that can cause a lot of disruption. For some people, it might even affect their health. Some people might have insomnia, not sleep at all, or really badly. It might cause all sorts of imbalances in your energy, and also you might just feel very agitated.

So people with ADD, adhd, if they live on a vortex, they will feel their symptoms much stronger. And because of that, because there was this vortex in their living room, there were hundreds of spirits traveling through those energy lines, and some of them were outside of the lines. They stepped out of the lines and they didn't want to cross over.

They didn't want to step into the light, into the vortex. So this home had several spirits, and once my space clearing guides showed me all of. They also told me to channel some information about the girl herself. They said it's very important that she understands a few things, and so that was the incredible part really,

they showed me. She's such an old soul, an incredibly old soul. And of course, if there's a teenage girl who called you about space clearing, you can already imagine that she's quite special. So not only is she an old soul, she's a star seat. And for those of you who never heard what starseed are, basically it's this concept, the theory, the knowledge, the wisdom that we are eternal.

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