A winning mindset

George Reid00:00

And, from personal experience working with some of these individuals, it's very difficult to get them to go yes, Amazon can be a nightmare, yes, some things are fair, but you can obviously be left and mourn and bitch about the whole experience and not actually get the most out of the opportunity that is - Selling on Amazon. Or, you can be those who go - Well that was a bit shit but we're gonna have to do it like this and step now or that went a little bit wrong but we learned quickly and we adapted and we overcame, or whatever the case may be, I think that really is a nice point know is that being agile and those scrappiness, obviously setting up systems are gonna help you so you can create products quickly ramp them up quickly, you've got those processes, those people in place. But if you're in a position where you're going through your day to day Amazon life and you're expecting any point that's being a random hurdle phone in front of you, that's probably the best mindset to have in mind in my perspective.

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