Alyssa Ackerman An Open-ended Mission to Explore Human Landscapes… from a DIY van
Alyssa Ackerman

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Hey, what's going on? This is your host, FA W, and welcome to another episode of the Face World Podcast. Every week I interview one person or sometimes a small group of people about their stories. I call them our everyday heroes because I believe they have the most to teach us about life through relatable stories, useful tools and tactics.

But it's important to know that there isn't a step-by-step process that's going to work for every. phase world is an opportunity where I learn to see, to understand, and to transform myself and hopefully take a few others along the way. If any of these stories resonated with you, please share with family and friends.

Today I have a young woman named Alyssa Ackerman joining me on the show. She is a Michigan native with a passion for travel and studying humans from the road. She's a digital marketing consultant, content creator, Yogi hiker, and photographer. I met Alyssa 2012 at Sapien Nitrol in Boston. This was years before she took on her new journey, which we hear all about in the next hour somehow.

I was not surprised, and I knew all the skills she learned at Sapien. Being the marketing strategist, a little bit of a project manager will certainly come in. In January, 2016, Alyssa headed out in the van with her partner Donnie Rex. They had since then parted ways as planned to continue exploring the country separately.

Alyssa Avan reminded me of Mick Eing, whom I interviewed on an earlier episode. Mick said, commit first, then figure it out. I think that's precisely what Alyssa did. Preparing for her trip was part of the adventure. Can you just imagine that she's got a a Honda CR-V and converted into a full functioning unit to live in, including.

DIY everything. Sink build, storage, shelf, table cushions, curtains, extending couch and bed. Even a solar panel installation. She created entire DIY section on her website, a place and all its, and you actually find van conversion as part of the main navigation in the upper right hand corner.

So yes, Alyssa is not only prepared to live in a van, she brought her marketing strategy, social media skills along on the road. Instead of traveling like a tourist, she decided to tell stories not just her own, but others along the. Her experiences are real. Alyssa has to look at fear, uncertainties right in the eye, acknowledge them head on.

I had nothing but questions during our interview. How does Alyssa make money and manage her finance on the road? How to stay connected to the internet or forget about internet, how to even be safe, especially when she arrives at a less familiar city and how to sustain nutrition health through a proper diet.

Because Alyssa provided us with such an incredible amount of information and knowledge for how she did it together, we want to share it with the World On Phase World Podcast. And while you listen, you get head over to phase and check out detailed show notes, favorite quotes, a list of resources recommended by Alyssa.

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