Exquisite Kitchen

I really think about the compatibility between me and somebody else as a, as a co-cook. Mm-hmm. , because some people it just doesn't work to cook with, and some people it flows so easily. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Um, and I feel like that dance around the kitchen of utensils, the interplay between dominance and submissive and like what you add and how you keep the vibes, like


it is. It feels like a tango of sorts where you move around each other, you, you literally. Rotated. And I find myself sometimes just grabbing someone by the shoulders and turning them just to pass by and then letting go and oh, and that. I'm like, I just moved your body, and that was it.


Yeah. Yeah. I love that. I love it


welcome to Moon Circle


It's Moon Circle co-op.


The hydra kitchen


Welcome to Moon Circle.


I've been cooking with them for the past five years. I got really interested in foraging and I went to one of their popups and I just had the best time. and then I, wormed my way into the collective from there.


I didn't have a choice. They came to my house and they took me away.

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