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    You put a bit of yourself, I believe, into any role you perform. And that has really taught me something that I've been able to apply in so many other areas, not just performing, but anything I do,

    I try to say yes to everything, to go into something with an open mind. And I think that's something that you can apply in any industry. When you're collaborating with people,

    the very basis of it all, it's all about support. If you feel supported by your fellow collaborators or colleagues, and you support them as well, then it's easy to communicate because you don't feel embarrassed. You feel safe. It's a safer.

    As hard as yours. I don't think anyone has a right to be a performer. To be a creative person, you have to earn it because you have to show a dedication in any field. You gotta commit to it in a way that you earn the right to be able to do it, don't you


    Hello everybody. This is Faye W, your host for the Face World Podcast. In case you're new to our show, I'd like to explain that this podcast is a place where I celebrate the lives of sung and unsung heroes stories that are so resonating, but you haven't heard of. Today I would like to welcome Dan Cooper, who is an experience designer, video producer and project manager who loves working with brands and people.

    For 12 years, Dan worked as a principal performer in Blooming Group, a world class entertainment company, touring in multiple cities on several. By the way, he's still actively performing for Blue Man Group, including new shows in Boston. Coming up in November, late December and early January, 2017, Dan learned a lot from performing as a blue man, including skills and experience design, improvisation and persuasion, which led him to consult for several companies and.

    How was Dan discovered for Blue Men Group's audition? What are some of the characteristics the company is looking for? How long was the training before Dan could appear on stage? And the brutal elimination process, that's no different than the American Idol. As a jack of old trades, Dan throws himself at a lot of.

    He says yes a lot on his website. Dan cooper creative.com. Under testimonials, friends and colleagues, call him a hell of an artist, a great guy, a cheeky monster, and a first class collaborator. Or something more dramatic, such as Dan reminds me that life is short and to embrace every moment of it to its fullest.

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