Identifying the profitable channel

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When the A/B split testing comes from comparing Facebook vs Amazon, I think that's the test that you'd be looking at. Go right, let's put 1000 on Facebook. Let's put 1000 on Amazon and see those results, see what's obviously more lucrative but I think with you've always got a way up. If you are just comparing side by side, like for like on the number of sales, you also need to factor in that on Facebook, you're able to collect touchpoints like email addresses before they go and buy like many chat subscriber before they go and buy right and I think that's what's more interesting about looking further up. The funnel with the social platforms is you can collect a little bit more data. You can customize your customer experience a little bit. You can increase those reviews little bit should you wish and that's something you have to factor in if you're making a comparison between which channel is more profitable?

Florian Nottorf:

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