Live with Michael Bungay Stanier_ How to Work with (Almost) Anyone
Fei Wu

This is Fei Wu from Feisworld Media. I am so, so excited to have Michael Bungay Stanier join me here on the show today. And, uh, Michael, if I can give you a very brief intro. I feel like So many people are so familiar with your work, but for those who are exploring Michael's work for the first time, please hear me out.

Michael Bungay Stanier is the author of The Coaching Habit, sold 1. 2 million copies. It unweirds coaching and is used to improve conversations in organizations around the world. And I have used it to improve my professional and personal lives. And it was one of the few books Seth Godin selected for our.

Back then, L 10BA 8, uh, in a little package, we got it, we got it, it was absolutely phenomenal. It's still one of the top recommended books, um, not just by L 10BA. It looks like Microsoft's culture has been shaped because of this book as well. Um, Michael is an experienced podcast guest who has done over 300 interviews and coaching Brené Brown on her podcast.

He has also hosted more than 500 interviews on the other side of the mic of his Own various podcasts. Michael is a fantastic storyteller. He helps people find simplicity on the other side of complexity when making abstract, uh, concepts feel really practical and really doable. And for the first time in many years, I'm leaving little sticky notes.

It's fantastic.

Michael Bungay Stanier

I love that.

Fei Wu

Oh, thank you so much, Michael. Thank you for joining me. I am so excited to feature this book. And for anybody who has not bought a copy yet, please check it out. It was released about a week ago. How has it been?

Michael Bungay Stanier

It's been great. You know, if I, there's a, when you're an author, there's this big lead up to the launch of the book.

Like you've got the book written and then there's normally about six months between submitting the manuscript for the last time. And then actually the things showing up in real life. And it's a weird six months because you spend the time. Asking for help, trying to get people to kind of help support the book launch, but you do all of this stuff and nothing makes any difference because you're kind of pushing into the void.

Um, so honestly, it's quite a relief when the book finally shows up and goes, ta da, I'm here, I'm in the world. Um, so we've had a really good first week of the book's launch. Lots of people have read it. Lots of people have bought it. Lots of people reviewed it on Amazon. It's been a lovely start.