Michaela Salceanu
By Witness Collaborative
October 12, 2023
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Michaela Salceanu

Why did I leave my beloved country Romania? My life before the revolution, was under, uh, the danger of being arrested at any time. I was not a member of the communist party. So, I was considered an outsider. I was always treated with condescendence, even if I had, like, good results in my profession.

So, being a teacher of English, which was associated with the capitalism, which for the Russian oriented communist minds, it was like, wow, something that was chaotic and dangerous for the society, I was put under observation. So, they put on my tracks, one of the colonels of the Securitate, or the Romanian KGB.

So, I started to ask myself questions. And I talked to my mom, who was believing in God and telling me about God. How she was saved by God in very tough situations when she was oppressed and almost killed. And she said that she had dreams of God coming over and telling her, do not be afraid. I will take care of you. And he did. So I started to think about God, of whom I was mocking.

Then, when the revolution came, I went to Bucharest. I got involved in the events there too. And I witnessed with my own eyes, the whole reality.

I was close to a hotel that was called the Continental Hotel. And maybe, I was like, maybe, 500 feet away, when a bullet passing by my, my ear ended up in the big window of the hotel. I could see bullet shells. It was like a carpet all over. That many shots were fired in that area, and people died.

But before the revolution, if you could escape, uh, most of the Western countries were receiving you, but after the revolution they closed. And it was very hard to get the visa.

So, I got my younger son, and we went to the American embassy. The counselor, I mean, it was like the ambassador of the United States herself, came out and took four passports. And among them were, two were mine. And she decided, she said, you go and visit. And she put the stamp on my passport with, uh, because I had the youngest son on my passport, and she said, go pay for your visa. And I even didn't have the money, because I knew, I was so sure I won't receive it. So it was, sort of a miracle for us.

And then, before I did any, any choice, I had a dream in which God told me, wake up and go and read chapter 12 of Genesis. So I woke up, I got the Bible, and I read, in which God tells Abraham, leave your mother and father's country and household, and go to the country that I show you.

My mom, when she really saw that it was, you know, a real thing, she started to become sort of sad. Because she helped me raise my children and she loved them so much. And she was like, elder. It wasn't easy to leave her in, uh, unsecure situation.

But, she was that big that she really encouraged us. She said, oh, specially that you can go with the children, go my dear, go my dear, don't think about me. And when I made that decision, I felt like somebody was pulling out my navel, from my navel, all the inside of me. It was like, I was torn apart. It wasn't easy to give up my country and my mom, and my family, and jump head on, into unknown. But the faith, I knew that God wanted me to do that. And I did.