John Flood A Sunday afternoon in Dover

Well, it was on a Sunday afternoon and my mates and I, who we were in band together. I played the drums and my friends who were musicians, and we went to see a musical. It was called Blues in the Night. It was an all black orchestra.

A lot of black orchestras have fantastic bands, but the main player in it was the one i was always very interested in was Gene, G E N E Krupa K R U P A. He was a famous drummer Of course I tried to emulate him all my life , We were watching the film then all of a sudden the cinema shook and it was a shell had landed very, very close.

This sign came up, All military personnel report back to barracks. So the place emptied because it was, you know, it was only a few of us kids left in there. We hoped to see a bit more the film, but then another shell landed and we had to get out of the cinema. It was wrecked and as we walked down, where did we go?

We walked down through the Market Square all over debris, and we saw a lot of death and destruction I'm afraid. We went to an ice cream, Grilly's, ice cream parlour in Snargate Street and had some ice cream, and while we were in there a shell landed. We decided to go back to my place up over the old fish shop because I got a piano and drums we thought when we got back up thereWe would have a bit of a session,

as we got to the Market Square, there was an amusement hall opposite, amusement arcade. We couldn't get in there because we were too young. I think .You had to be 16 or something to get in there, anyway they used to throw us out If we tried to play on the slot machines and things. Anyway a shell landed. We were sort of heading that way.

A shell landed on the amusement arcade and wiped it out, including a gentleman who was on the front, what they call them, a sort of commissionaire with all his medals you know, to stop us hooligans getting in there, of cause it wiped him out and we was near a bank and all the windows fell of the the bank.

And I said, "Oh the bank's open chaps. Shall we go in? Yeah. Then we carried on through and then back up to the Tower Hamlets and then played our music, you know, that was just, that was just a Sunday afternoon in Dover.

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