Still Curious S1E2 - Myles Tankle
    Myles Tankle

    I really do enjoy that feeling of being a numpty in something and working towards understanding it. Times when things land and drop and that excitement of going, oh my God, that connects that's so super cool.

    Like I never thought I'd be interested in spreadsheets. just got off a call this morning before we met with a colleague who was teaching me how to analyze data in a spreadsheet showing me stuff. And I'm losing my mind.

    Oh my God. how mundane, but how exciting, right?

    Like those things that we find in our daily life that brings us that spark of, oh my gosh. I didn't know that. I find that as a human experience, that is probably one of my favorite things.

    Danu Poyner

    You're listening to the still curious podcast with me, Danu Poyner. My guest today is Myles Tankle, who is a theater maker, performance capture actor, facilitator, and change management professional based in Melbourne, Australia. Myles, not only leads a very fascinating and versatile life. He's also one of the nicest human beings you'll ever meet.

    I met Myles when we were both working at Apple a long time ago now where he was one of the creative trainers. In today's episode, we talk about that experience and what we both learned at Apple that we still use. We discuss where a life of curiosity has led Myles; what being a medical role play actor entails;

    what's involved in transitioning a large network of cemeteries back to the office after remote working during the pandemic; and what theater, motion capture and change management have in common. Myles also has some fairly deep observations about how we learned to deal with emotion in the workplace

    and in the way we design learning experiences. It was a delightful conversation that went to some pretty surprising places. I hope you enjoy it too. It's Myles Tankle coming up right after the music break on today's episode of the Still Curious.

    Hi Myles. Thank you so much for making the time and coming on the podcast. How is Melbourne in the in, I don't know what kind of lockdown limbo you're in these days, but it must've been tough for the last little while.

    Myles Tankle

    Look considering it's a bit of a funny one. Had you asked me before we went into lockdown six I was doing okay.

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