Helen Chin Lui: Natural Healing and Self Care at Home and at Work
Helen Chin Lui

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We were like little islands, every one of us. As soon as I walked in, I could feel how dense and negative the energy was in the work environment.

One of the things I started to. Dan is, I could no longer hold my energy space at work anymore. Slowly I was being eaten away.

But where does that energy go? People think that it just dissipate. It never does. It lives in us. You will only be able. People, wherever you've been helped, the first step to self healing is learning. How mindful are you about your body, your mind, your emotions? Because most of us, whenever we have pain, we will ignore them.

Fei Wu

Hi everyone. This is Faye w, your host for the Face World podcast. Welcome to a brand new episode with Helen Chin Lu. Helen is a certified reflexologist certified energy medicine practitioner and teacher. She specializes in helping people of all ages to provide chronic digestive relief, chronic pain relief, and help them balance hormones natural.

In 2006, Helen founded The Healing Place in Medfield, Massachusetts. When Helen isn't healing, she's researching. She's teaching and writing. She also coaches self-care, self-healing, reflexology, reiki, and Shaka balancing workshops. As part of Helen's education program, she will be presenting for the fourth consecutive year, starting in 2012 at the largest New England Annual Natural Living Expo on November 13th, 2016, located in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

This year she will be presenting topics such as, are your emotions eating? You stop negative energy from sabotaging your digestive. Most of my family, friends, and even colleagues know very well that personally have always been interested in massage treatments because growing up in Beijing, China, I had infinite access to massage therapists and reflexologists.

It was part of my life and my family's life since I was a little kid. As unusual as it may sound, this part of my life lessons actually helped me tremendously as an. I have participated in various sports in high school and in college. These days I practice TaeKwonDo, yoga, swimming regularly, though these new sports don't necessarily bring me nearly as much physical trauma to my body.

I, like most of you, still experience some level of stress and anxiety from work. So massage therapy remains to be a very big part of my life. It takes time to find a place, however that's convenient for you, your family, as well as a therapist you can trust and rely on for optimal results. Before I spoke with Helen, I had very little knowledge of Reiki, self-healing, digestive wellbeing, but even none of these topics resonates with you just yet.

I also invited Helen to speak to us about something all of us experience, which is wellness at work, and how to avoid and balance situations that are unhealthy or toxic. Helen grew up in Boston in 1950s, and, um, she surprised me by sharing her upbringing stories as a young Chinese American growing up in the city.

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