Top LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes

    I had learned about all those people on video and I was, I wanted to get to a place in my business where I wasn't just getting clients, I was getting clients through outbound. I wanted clients to actually be excited to wanna work with me, to happily pay me, because that's a totally different experience.

    That it would post, but we are, oh yeah. So did I. So did I, I just cut the first couple paragraphs. I think it just drives me nuts. You hear that LinkedIn fix this, like seriously match it up. Match it up with. Match it up with Facebook. Like that way we can do it all at the same time, like it's so dumb.

    Anyways, I still love you. So we are going to be talking to Shana. And by the way Shana, introduce yourself. I'm sorry, I know you. I know, right? Um, so, hey, I'm Shana Marie, I'm the founder of Growth Academy. And I create content and build community here on LinkedIn. So I'm just here to help rego however I can with, uh, LinkedIn marketing or personal brand stuff.

    Love it. Love it. All right. So it's funny to have you here. Yeah. Pretty simple, right? Sh shanee keeps it, keeps it easy. Oh yeah. No, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna be like, I am the ultimate, this and that. . Well, yeah, but no, let's, uh, Shana, uh, last time I checked 1.2. What is, what is the followers now? What do you Almost 1.2.

    Yeah. Almost 1.2. 1.2 million. So in the LinkedIn world, That takes, uh, that takes some work. And it, and, and what one of the things I love about you is you, you did this from the ground up, and I want to take just a moment to talk about that. If you wanna share a little bit of your story and why it mattered right here on LinkedIn.

    You're a single mom. There was a lot behind that story. You share what you want, take five minutes and tell people the story of how you got there. And it didn't take a long time, but it took, no, it took you. Off that, uh, that, that fence, right? You just had to, to go do it. Go ahead. Share a little bit with our audience.

    Yeah. So it actually took, took me being given an ultimatum. Long story short, I was working a job July, 2018. My daughter would have to go to daycare, right? So I could get a secure paycheck. Secure paycheck. That's so, You know, that's like a myth. Um, but I would go to work, she would go to daycare. She got sick at daycare quite a few times, but this time especially, she was hospitalized for almost two weeks.

    And, uh, through that process, my boss at the time was like, Hey, you need to come back to work. You know, leave for, I guess in the hospital and then, or you lose your job. So that's when like I took an opportunity rego to basically. Become a freelancer, right? Like my first and only goal was to be able to replace my then income, which is very little, which is freelance writing clients, because I knew that I could do some copywriting and some marketing stuff.

    I was doing it at that company. So I was like, well, if I could do it for them, I could do it for me and I can hopefully get some freelance clients. So I started Googling just like actually in the hospital at night while LI was like connected to the machines and just how to get freelance writing clients online, like how to write blogs and get paid online.

    And one of the articles brought me to LinkedIn, but her strategy was very different than what I do now. But it started, you know, basically she was just like, get on LinkedIn, optimize your profile and connect and pitch everybody. It got me my first few clients, but it wasn't a process that I actually enjoyed and it wasn't getting me the type of clients that I wanted.

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