A brief introduction to account administration and setup
By Members Desk
March 29, 2022
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A brief introduction to account administration and setup

So let's have a look at how to get started because there it is. Stop paying too much to try. And what do you want to do? There is you just want to go straight to this, create an account button there. We can enter your email and follow the instructions. We got to create an account

and if you already have an account for those of you that to just go ahead and leave. Otherwise,

create yourself a password

confirm that you are over 18. And while you got,

so what you have now is you have access to a client portal area. And what that would allow you to do is to go in and create. Accounts for yourself. So you can go. And through this one portal area, you can have multiple accounts. A lot of people would use different accounts for different strategies or signal services or whatever the case may be.

And you can also so you can create either a live account or a demo account or both, but it's all accessed through this client.