Caitie Whelan (Part 2): Attention to What Matters
    Caitie Whelan

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    today on phase world. I would like to welcome Katie Whe. Katie is the Noter in chief for the Lightning Notes, a website that delivers short daily posts to help us move the world forward. It features striking stories and great ideas to remind us that we matter. Improving the world is our matter. Katie is not a writer by trade.

    We're training not long ago in fact, that she was a senior foreign policy advisor in Congress. After four years of working there, she decided it was time to take a dream deferred and put it out into the world. So in part two, we unveiled the journey of Katie's moving from the DC to Brooklyn New.

    Transitioning from a comfortable life and vias career stable income to what she calls a total white belt. Katie discovered the magic of having abundance in other parts of her life, such as creativity, inspiration, entrepreneurship. In the lightning note, Katie captivates people, places, and things that move her and help her become her better self.

    So, okay, so that, that's, that's the transition happening. And when, when was that? I think it was April.

    Caitie Whelan

    Yeah, so I packed my bags on, I wanna say it was like March 27th of 28. It was a Friday. My father drove to dc we packed up his car on Friday night, um, and then, uh, drove to New York on Saturday morning. So I left my job on Friday, moved to New York on Saturday.

    Um, and, uh, and I had this great idea, Faye, that like I was gonna launch the Lightning Notes on Monday. Which I don't like. There like a few regulatory hoops one must jump through, which I was not entirely ready for, which has just been like a chronic lesson with the Lightning Notes is like, so if, I mean, you know, it's so tried to say if I had any idea what I was getting into, I never would've done it.

    And it was like ignorance was so blissful, I had no idea what I was getting into. Um, and so like it took me like three weeks to figure out kind of. Um, the, you know, the tax structure that I needed for, uh, for the Lightning Notes and like, how, how it was gonna, like, I, I had a monetization plan, um, but I didn't really, I didn't really have a business structure.

    I, I sort, I think in my mind I was like, that'll work itself out, which it doesn't like you have to work it out, which is really good. Cause you have to learn sort of the system. And if I could offer a resource to people there, So the small Business administration has this, um, really wonderful program called score, which is free business advice for people like anybody.

    Um, and you just, it's score. So it's S C O R E, all caps. Um, I can't remember if it stands for something or not, but like you can sign up for their classes or maybe on their email distribution list. Um, and. And like, you know, they'll have classes on like tech structure and like, you know, for, do you wanna be a sole proprietor?

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