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    Steven Ayer

    When we talk about the job shortages in the sector, that really suggests that this is not just a short term phenomenon, but it could be something that's going to be quite enduring. These are the folks the sector needs to be able to recruit and retain to be able to be the workforce it needs to be for the future.

    And these are the folks saying that they're not enjoying their jobs. And if we don't figure out a way to solve that, it's gonna, uh, ripple for a very long time.

    Bruce MacDonald

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    While there are more conversations than ever before around decent work in the non profit sector, and the crucial need to improve working conditions for our workers, a lot more still needs to be done. Lower salaries and temporary and part time employment are still all too common in our sector. And so it isn't surprising that a recent report from the Environics Institute, Future Skills Center, and Diversity Institute shows low job satisfaction in the non profit sector.

    This report, which explores the employment experiences of non profit workers, provides a snapshot of pressing issues affecting workers in the not for profit sector. To dive into the study's key findings, we're grateful to welcome Laura McDonough. Associate Director, Insights and Knowledge Mobilization at the Future Skills Center.

    And Steven Ayer, President and Founder of Common Good Strategies and author of the report. Laura and Steven, thank you for being here and welcome. Thanks for having me. Yeah, and thank you. We're really excited to talk about the report. Well, we're going to get right into it. Steven, we'll start with you before we delve into the findings.

    Can you tell us how this project came to be and its main objectives?

    Steven Ayer

    Yeah, so the report is based off of data from the survey on employment and skills, which is an ongoing survey conducted by the Future Skills Center, the Diversity Institute, and the Enveronics Institute. And I'll leave it for Laura to get into some of the details of that, but it's a very large survey that's been conducted a bunch of different times.

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