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    Fei Wu

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    Hi guys. It's Faye from pH's World. I am the host of a podcast dedicated to sung and unsung heroes, women, men, and children who carry these amazing stories and voices you may have never heard of. So please connect with me via social media. It's the same handle that is phase. F E I S W O R L d. I feel incredibly privileged and and really lucky to be working with a small team of very talented people.

    And today I would like to give them a shout out. They are Adam Leer, who is my associate producer and an incredible.net developer, Sarah Wine coop social media strategist who has given me so many ideas in the past and recently joined face. Max Barry, a content and marketing grew. Who can only think of things I never could.

    So let's get into it. Today on Phase World, you will meet David Delmar, founder and executive director at Resilient Coders. Resilient Coders is an organization dedicated to teaching young people who are from traditionally underserved communities how to code. They do this as a way of aligning them with a lucrative and meaningful career.

    Their hiring performers participate in Resilient Lab, a web design and development shop with real clients. David and this team offer many ways, time slots, long and short-term engagements for you to get involved. Just a note, you don't have to be a developer to provide value, so, Go ahead and listen to this podcast, and you'll understand a lot more than Resilient Coders does, but also why and how they do it.

    David Delmar

    They say, I have a problem to solve. If I have this, if I, if I have the capacity to solve it, I'm gonna solve it. And that's it. That's as far as it goes. So Resilient Coders started up as an effort to present sort of a third rail, right? It's not necessarily a school or street. Too many young people see the world as either school or street.

    And there's a third option here. There's, there's a real genuine meritocracy. And I know that there are folks out there who laugh at the notion that technology can be a meritocracy. And I would agree that it's not accessible to everybody. So that's what we aim to do. Um, you have to come up with a question.

    Sitting there, coming up with an answer to a preexisting question is easy. Mm-hmm. , you have to come up with a question. So, alright, so what am I gonna build today? I know you tell me. I'm here for the stuff that you can't Google.

    Fei Wu

    David shares his origin stories from working at PayPal in Boston, leading a team of designers and coders to now resilient coders, which is creating something that may or may not work.

    He talks about the importance of getting very comfortable with failures. I asked David about what he was like as a child. He shared a story of how the purpose of his life was reframed for him at age five. That was probably one of my favorite moments on phase world, and also the amazing story of his grandfather who was a bullfighter.

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