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Transitioning to new Descript: Top things to know

Hey there, existing Descript customers! Well, we've done it again. Gone and changed everything. Descript's been completely redesigned! There's a ton of new stuff, so hopefully you're mostly happy about that, but you're also maybe going to be at least somewhat annoyed because we've moved everything around, and while most of the stuff we've moved around, it's going to feel obvious and better, hopefully, some of the stuff like keyboard shortcuts that we change, there's no way you're going to just figure that out on your own.

So that's why I made this video. We've got a full list of everything that's changed in our help center, but in this video, I'm just going to highlight like 10 things that I think will be the most useful to help you transition to the new Descript without missing a beat.

1. Learn about scenes

Okay. The first thing -the big thing- is that Descript is much more script oriented now, and much less timeline oriented. You could do a lot more in the script using this concept of scenes. And I'm not going to go into detail into scenes in this video, but there's a demo project that Descript will put in front of you when you open the app the first time. Go through that demo project. Even if you think you already understand everything already. Because while this new version of the script is simple and everything, it's also introducing a whole new way of editing and you kind of do have to rewire your brain around that, especially if you're really used to editing on the timeline.

2. The Timeline

Number two, the timeline, where did it go? It's still here. If you need to use the timeline, just click on this thing, to see the fully expanded view. And note that when you drag layers around, we call them layers instead of tracks now, by the way. Hold shift if you don't want them to snap to scenes.

3. Project Files

Third, where are your project files? Here they are. In the insert toolbar. Along with all the other things you can insert into your compositions. This is the library store and it has your project media library, as well as our new cloud media libraries. The shortcut to open this as command shift L.

Note that we've gotten some feedback from people who like having it open all the time, well, you can still click and drag it to keep it open.

4. Composition Drawer