StoryAWeek Invitation Video
By Julie Duffy
August 23, 2022
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StoryAWeek Invitation Video

Full disclosure by the time you've finished watching this video, my hope is that you'll be ready to sign up for a StoryAWeek. My newsletter that will bring you short story prompts and lessons weekly throughout the year. But first let me start with a story that might sound familiar. When I was in high school, I had stopped writing fiction.

I don't know, maybe it was all the fabulous literature they had us studying. Maybe I was intimidated by that. Maybe it was just the usual teenage angst. Maybe it was my discovery of boys. The point is our English exams always had a portion where we had to do some creative writing to a prompt. Timed. I would stare at the prompt, no idea how I was going to come up.

Anything to write. I would put my pen to the paper and start making shapes and then wake up 40 minutes later, flying down the final lines of a story I had no idea. I had been waiting to write. Gleeful. In my element. You know what I'm talking about. Maybe you were the same and maybe like me sitting down to write at any other time you got stalled.

how to choose? How to make it good ?It's hard to get started when there are so many choices available and yet with a deadline and the limits placed on us by a good prompt, we are able to write on demand Frustrating!. You've probably heard the rest of my story. I got sick of listening to myself, whining about how frustrating it was to not be writing that.

I challenged myself to write a story a day in May, 2010. I accidentally created an annual event that has spawned thousands and thousands of stories, many of which have been published. Many of whose writers have developed rewarding, ongoing writing practices that have brought them joy friends, external validation, even an adventure.

Part of the success of story a day has to do with the limits I put on you with the writing prompts. But let me tell you a secret.

A lot of writing prompts going to waste your time.

Julie Duffy

A person, a place, an unexpected object are not going to help you write stories that go somewhere interesting, that touch a deep human truth and that delight you and your readers. There's something like. 540 writing prompts I've written and published and watched people play with have given me a lot of experience and time to figure out how to create prompts that will spark actual short stories for you to shorten your learning curve, to keep you inspired, to give you practical guidance, to build stories that matter to you and to your readers.

Stories that started out in my challenges and workshops have gone on to win contests, get published and help their authors create truly joyful writing practices and the people who are writing those stories are just like you they're single. And married and in their twenties and their eighties and everything in between, they're just getting started on their careers.

And they're turning back to their love of writing in retirement. They're balancing kids and grandkids, health conditions, grief, joy, all of the upheavals in life. And they're using their writing to keep themselves grounded. I want that for you. And the best way I know for you to build a little space into your life that honors the most creative most true version of you is to encourage you to make space for your writing And not just any old writing, I love to journal, but there's a satisfaction that comes from crafting a story that you can share. That's fulfilling in a way that other. Can't touch. It connects you with people who need to know they're not alone. It connects you with a lineage of human truth, tellers and story spinners from the earliest campfires to wherever our imaginations and ingenuity can take us.