Black Friday 0-DTE Deals
By Ernie Varitimos
November 25, 2021
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Black Friday 0-DTE Deals

3, 2 1.

Ooh, here I am. You and friends Ernie here. And this is the zero dash DTE podcast. Number 60 and today's topic is Black Friday deals for zero DTE. That's right. Black Friday deals for zero DTE. Woo. You would not believe, you would absolutely not believe what I have in store for you. The most unbelievable deal of the century.

All you have to do is listen for a few minutes, maybe 15, maybe 30. No. And then you will be able to piece together the deal of the century here on zero DTE. What iszero DTE? Zero DTE stands for zero days to expiration. This is the last day of expiration, not the last day of deals. Most people are calling these black Friday deals.

But Friday isn't for another couple of days after Thanksgiving. Traditionally, that's when we had black Friday and black Friday was a day where most governments would relax taxes, sales, taxes on products, so that you could go to the store and buy stuff, Willy nilly, without any fear of paying extra money on taxes and get a little bit of a deal.

Plus, the store might provide some incentive to lower their prices and you get some good deals and it got so huge that people would line up at the doors of their favorite department store early in the morning, waiting for it to open up sometimes they'd camp out overnight. Believe it or not. This is all pre, online shopping and everything and pre pandemic.

But I remember. And, in the Boston area, the biggest black Friday sale was always filings basement, or, one of those stores in Boston and people would line up forever and then it turned into, a Walmart thing because Walmart would show all these deals and people would line up and then they would bash the doors down and trample over each other.

But now with Amazon being our defacto retail,

And because it's online, there are no doors to bash down. What we really need are Amazon stores, Amazon stores, brick and mortar stores that we can bash the doors down and trample on each other. Because without that you lose the, that visceral feeling of what black Friday is all about and that, what is it all about?

I don't know, to save a few dollars. You get much better deals if you wait until after Christmas, the last couple of days of Christmas, when everybody's returning and retailers are going nuts, having to fork back out, give back all that money that they say that they brought in on Friday on things and shit that people didn't want.

Now they're returning. Those are the times that's the best time to get deals. You're going to get much better deals, better selection. Better price, but people can't wait. They cannot wait because luck, you can't go into Christmas season or any other gift giving holiday season empty handed. You need to get your deal.