VIP ticket Sneak Peek
By Beth ParentFriendlyOT
August 18, 2022
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VIP ticket Sneak Peek

Hello, my name is with The IEP Lab.. I'm so thrilled to be able to give you a sneak peek into the VIP portal. So let's get started. You can see that you get a unique login so that you have access to all of this information for a full year until September of 2023. When we update it and do it all over again.

So you can see that you can scroll down, you have the option to watch these videos as a video, listen to it like a podcast in an audio form, or you can look at it as a transcript and you can make notes and highlight what you want to remember. You also have access to all of the days.

They will get dripped out day by day during the summit, but then after the summit, you have access to every single video! In the bonus training and you get additional links to discounts from the sponsors as well. So let's go ahead and click into one of these and you can see what I mean. So let's look into Vaughn's presentation about 6 questions to help lead collaborative IEP meetings.

And under his bio, you get a full bio, you get all of his links to connect further with him, if you would like to. And then you also get links to the speakers and sponsors freebies. So this is only available in VIP. It's really exciting because you have access to, , guides and things to take your advocacy further in the year, rather than just listening to it. You can actually start to apply it from these freebies and then you can see it right at the bottom here that you get access to discounts from sponsors.

These are sponsors like Lovevery's new disability service consultation, service. We also have Autism Advocacy Parenting Magazine has a couple of gifts for you inside of here. We also have the Pampered Parent gift box. You get a discount to that subscription box. And we also have discounts from practical tools like Accomods which is an amazing app. So that you can plug in your child's difficulties and you can get suggestions for accommodations from there too. I hope to see you inside the VIP ticket. Grab yours today before prices go up!